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A Guide to Wedding Venues in Valenzuela City

“Your wedding venue is more than just a setting; it’s a place where memories are made, so set the date, then let your imagination take over..”

First on our wedding checklist is the venue. Yes, i know.. the church should go first but in our case, it’s different. The church would depend entirely as to where our venue is located. We are not really particular with marrying in a specific church except for The Shrine of Divine Mercy in Marilao because that’s where i gave Allan my precious Yes when he was still courting me. The church however was just too far from our place we didnt even consider it as an option.

So going back to our venue, we listed a few factors that would guide us in selecting our wedding venue and they are as follow;

1. Wedding Theme
My fiance and I decided to have a Rustic School themed wedding and what other setting can make this wedding style more successful than a garden! Yes we want the venue to have a nice romantic garden. BUT we dont want to take the risk of seeing our guests get wet in case it rains so it has to be a covered garden.

2. Budget
We can’t go beyond 25k for our venue.

3. Capacity
It should be able to hold up to 200 guests

4. Proximity
I’m guilty of missing a lot of friends’ weddings because of this factor. Sorry. So we want to make sure that our venue would be accessible to most of our guests. You see Allan is from Valenzuela City near Barangay Dalandanan and I live in Obando Bulacan so most of our guests would either come from Obando, Valenzuela or Manila. If the place is too far im afraid we have to spend extra money on transportation specially for our relatives’ convenience.

5. Comfortable Accomodation
Allan added this, he wanted..if possible.. that the venue is airconditioned to make sure our guests can relax.

6. Availability and Events per Day
Our date should still be available of course! And it’s a plus factor if they only handle one event per day so we get their full attention haha.

7. Corkage and other Fees.
We only learned about how corkage fees work recently. Some/Most venues have partner suppliers and you need to pay a certain fee if you would get an outside supplier. Yikes.

8. Rules and Regulations
If only the venue has strict rules and regulations.

We only discovered some of the guidelines when we summarized our options. Allan and i spent several weekends visiting the venues.. we mostly did this during Sunday so it’s no surprise the offices were most of the time.. closed haha. (This is our only available time). We just really want to see the place and check if we would feel a certain spark when we see it. So here are the options below that includes my unbiased opinion.. basely from my opinion as a future bride. (Disclaimer)

1. Hidden Grove Events
This comes first on my list cause Allan and I fell in love with this place the first time we saw it. Hidden grove is a new events place in Valenzuela City thus the place looks really new and refreshing.




It’s a glass covered airconditioned venue so you can see the garden outside while sitting comfortably in an airconditioned room..just perfect! The place looks modern and posh that’s why Allan and I liked it so much.

Their rate when we inquired is just 20k for 4hours and im not sure but i think they only have one event per day policy. ***Update 11/14, their rate was 20K when we inquired last MayΒ and their rate have already changed from then. Please contact them to get their updated rate πŸ™‚

The venue can hold up to 200 guests. ThisΒ includes an airconditioned powder room for the bride too.


Pro: I think I already said it.. it’s modern and stylish. The garden is nice and it’s airconditioned! Plus i almost forgot to say they have a chapel beside the venue so the ceremony and reception can be held in the same location.


Cons: It’s hidden garden so it’s really hidden haha. Allan and i had a hard time finding the place plus the location is already near West Avenue not really Valenzuela City so our guests who are coming from Mc Arthur Highway might have a hard time travelling. We really love the place so we still considered it however we learned they have partner caterers and the rates are quite expensive for us because we have a limited budget.
They also charge corkage fees for make up, stylist, photo and video and a lot more. 😯 We already have a preferred photographer and other suppliers so fighting to have Hidden Grove as our venue would cost us a lot because of the corkage fees. This is my first heartbreakΒ πŸ’”

Nevertheless, i highly recommend the place if youre not on a limited budget like us. Ask them for their updated rates cause who knows it might have changed. They sometimes have promo on

Check out their facebook account:

2. Alessandra Garden Hotel and Resort
Two years ago even before Allan proposed to me I have already been scouting for wedding venues and Alessandra have also captured my heart back then through the pictures I saw online. Their hotel is elegant and their garden is romantic.




Need i say more? The place i think is the most elegant venue in Meycauayan, Bulacan. The rates however was just too expensive for us. Their covered garden cost 45k for 5 Hours(or 4 hours not sure) but it can hold up to 300 guests. I loved it but Allan reminded me that 45k was way out of our budget. In all fairness, the account executive we spoke with was really nice and informed us about their running promo which is we can get 10% off if we book right away and Free Corkage if we book in the month of June. I did the math and i think Alessandra is a possible option if we get an affordable caterer since they dont have corkage fees if we book on June!

Pros: The place is perfect for a Garden wedding because you can have the ceremony and reception in one place. They also have an airconditioned venue that cost 40k, and a garden that costs 25k.. but this can only hold up to 150guests plus its not covered. This is also convenient in a way that the hotel (which looks extravagant) is in the same location and of course it’s picture perfect!


Cons: The location is the challenge on our part, it’s near tollgate Meycauayan so it’s far from both our location. Again, our guests might have a hard time travelling. It’s also a bit expensive even for us even if we get a 10% discount it’s still 40k plus we have to pay extra for the hotel room which may cost 10k. So this is my second heartbreakΒ πŸ’”πŸ’”

Again if you have the budget dont hesitate to talk to them because they may have ongoing promos that can help you make your dream come true. We are still considering Alessandra for our hotel prep πŸ™‚

Check out their website:

3. La Rosa Pavillion
This is a garden pavillion located in Karuhatan which can hold up to 200guests. They have a garden βœ” and a pool βœ”
The airconditioned bridal room is already included for 20k of venue rental and oh well the garden is really spacious. You wouldnt even thought this is located in Valenzuela City.




Pros: They only have one event per day, they dont charge any corkage fees at all and the garden is really spacious.

Cons: There’s something about high ceilings with drapings that excites me. We just noticed the ceiling is too low and that they dont have a stage so i dont know.. maybe that is not just the look that we wanted.


Check out their FB page and visit the place because who knows you might just fall in love with it! If you are a Valenzuelana Bride.. this place is really convenient πŸ‘

4. Jardinita De Maria Pavillion
This place is perfect for a vintage rustic inspired wedding because of the intricate design. The place is a character of its own because of the details. The interior decorator really did an awesome job.




Pros: I love the place, i love the details and i love how affordable it is! Just 15k for a venue at night and it can go as low as 12k if it’s a day time event. The capacity of the place is good for 200 guests and they have 2 events place though i wont feature the other place anymore because the other one is quite small for my own opinion. They also have a good place for the preparation.
Cons: The place is located in Marilao Bulacan and yes it’s far from our place again πŸ˜₯ though it’s not too complicated to go here as to compare with the other venues. What allan didnt like which matters to me is the place is quite small for what he is planning to do. Apparently he is planning for a dance number with his groom’s men and the stage wouldnt be good enough. Plus that it’s not airconditioned which is also his personal preference. This is a part of our shortlist and we almost booked it. But allan and i have to evaluate our options properly.

Check out their FB page:

5. Patio Queen Sofia
This is an events place located in Maysan Valenzuela City. The place is grand and sophisticated. Im not sure about the capacity but i know for sure it can hold up to more than 200 guests! Their rate is 60k for 5 hours of aircondtioned venue.. yes i know.. it’s expensive but dont worry they also offer a non airconditioned option which is 20k for 5hours too. They provide air cooler instead of aircon and this includes their spacious bridal room.



Pros: It’s near our place, it’accessible to our guests, it’s spacious and it looks extravagant. The drapings is complimentary and they offer affordable to elegant catering service. The bridal room was really big all the entourage can have their make up done here.


Allan love this place for sure, this is the last venue we visited because we prioritize the other venues with a garden.

Cons: This can be a problem for those who already have a preferred caterer because they are exclusive for Alarcon Catering only. They also charge minimal corkage fees for outside suppliers like photo and vid, photobooth, sounds and lights, basically any supplier who would need to use electricity. For us,the place does not seem to be suitable for our theme rustic school cause it doesnt have a romantic garden. This is included in our shortlist cause it’s convenient to our guests.

There are a lot more other venues near our area that we didnt visit but let me give you a few information base on my research:

6. St. Joseph House of Serenity located in Meycauayan City. My friend got married here last December and IΒ  was a bridesmaid. The venue can hold up to 200 guests and it’s airconditioned for just 20k.

Pros: The venue is also an elegant hotel itself. They have several rooms you and your family can use while preparing and after the event. The place is airconditioned and the venue can be extended to their garden.


Cons: The place is quite small for us and the ceiling is not high enough to put some drapings (drapings are dreamy for me) plus it’s again too far from our location cause from Meycauayan you still need to take a tricycle to the venue. (We like putting ourselves into our guests shoes). I think my friend mentioned they charge minimal corkage fees for different suppliers.

7. Patio Florencia in Meycauayan
We thought this is also near tollgate so we didnt bother visiting since we wont choose it anyway if it’s as far as Alessandra Garden.

8. Ancon Pavillion also in Meycauayan
Im not sure about this venue but looking at the pictures it seems like La Rosa Pavillion.. also perfect for a Garden Wedding.

9. Hollywood
This one’s very convenient because it’s just along Mc Arthur Highway near Malanday. We did visit the place and they offer an activity hall for 20k, fully airconditioned with free use of tiffany chairs good for 200 guests. Not bad right? Its just that the venue is on the 2nd floor and the place does not have a good view.. they dont have a garden but oh! They have a pool. πŸ™‚

10. Mango Grill in Arkong Bato
This one is the nearest venue to us but not all part of the garden is covered and i think Allan didnt like the idea that some of the walls are not painted base on the pictures we saw online.

There are still a lot more other venues you can check online sorry i can’t enumerate all.

Looking at our options i realized that Valenzuela-Bulacan area offer a lot of good events place. Depending on your preference you can really choose which one you like.

As for us, Allan evaluated our options and realized what’s more important.. which is the convenience of our guests so the venues that are far from our area is already out of in the list.

And we decided to book..

**drum rolls

Patio Queen Sofia!!! Yey!!!
Our reason? It’s the nearest venue convenient to our guests. We decided to choose the non airconditioned option cause we are getting married on a night in January and you know how perfect the weather is every January! In case it will be particularly hot that day we will upgrade it to the airconditioned option cause the AE told us we can. The packages offered by Alarcon Catering are also affordable and we liked the food when we ate on their restaurant at Maysan. The AE who is assisting us also made sure the package fits our needs and she even gave us some advise in choosing the food and explained how things work. She also said that they can help in adding our own designs on their table and stage layout in case we request to customize it base on our theme. The decor would come from us which im planning to DIY so our rustic school theme is still be possible! Yey!

I feel contented and confident with what we chose because the AE who is handling our event seemsΒ nice and professional so i’m hoping for the best.

We still have 6 months till our BIG DAYΒ but i’m happy we already made our first booking.. Venue, caterer, sounds and lights.. all coming from Patio Sofia.

Hope this one helps you future Valenzuelana bride in selecting your dream venue. Happy planning!



77 thoughts on “A Guide to Wedding Venues in Valenzuela City

    1. Hi sis, i sent you an email to answer your question. That’s their rate when we talked to them last July and they have the same package na for the last few years 😊 Thanks for dropping by!


    1. Email sent. That’s their package as of July this year. That includes a phone number which you can use to set up an appointment with them or some people from Alarcon Catering (their restaurant) can also help you.


    1. Sure Aika, although baka hindi na ko updated, Nung May pa kami nag inquire, their fee that time is 20K for the venue, 5k sa chapel, then may mga additional pa. I’ll send you an email later but I guess it’s best to contact them directly baka hindi na ko updated πŸ˜€ ang bilis naman magbago ang rate kung ganun


    2. Sent you an email, I think your friend is right nakakalungkot naman ang laki ng tinaas ng rate nila pero maganda kasi dun, I updated the blog to avoid misinformation haha. Thanks sis! Happy preps!


  1. Please send me rates ng catering sa alarcon. As well as you mention, may sarili silang photography service? Rates and packages nila kaya is how much? Thank you. We were scoutinf as well Valenzuela Area

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  2. Wow! I was also thinking of that place, and you were right, it’s very convenient for the guests. We’re also from Valenzuela and just got engaged this Weekend. I also want a rustic-themed wedding. Will you please post the pictures of your big day? Our wedding will be on December 2016 so we still have time to prepare. Thank you so much and congratulations in advance! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations on your engagement! πŸ™‚ as of now, our wedding is more of a school theme than rustic. You might not see a lot of details but yes, i’ll definitely post photos of our wedding and a review on our suppliers. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and happy preps! ❀


      1. mam thanks ha.. nabasa ko na buong blog mo mam every post po.. ang dami kong nakuhang ideas mam since taga valenzuela din ako at medyo tight ang budget.. kung ok lang sana makahingi na din ng breakdown ng expenses nyo po specially sa reception, sa photographer at yung ibang super importante talaga mam.. laking tulong ng blog mo mam thank you po talaga..

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  3. mam thanks ha.. nabasa ko na buong blog mo mam every post po.. ang dami kong nakuhang ideas mam since taga valenzuela din ako at medyo tight ang budget.. kung ok lang sana makahingi na din ng breakdown ng expenses nyo po specially sa reception, sa photographer at yung ibang super importante talaga mam.. laking tulong ng blog mo mam thank you po talaga..

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    1. Thanks! It’s nice to hear you find my blog helpful, magpopost ako soon, maybe after the wedding ng expenses breakdown namin if my hubby to be (husband by then) will agree pero sendan na kita ng email later with a bit information about it πŸ™‚ Happy preps!


  4. his sis! pa send din po ako ng rates ng queen Sofia, im also from Valenzuela.
    pa estimate din ng total cost ng lahat; Venue, caterer, sounds and lights.. all coming from Patio Sofia.

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  5. hi. can u please send your breakdown of expenses, need ko lang guide for wedding prep. also, do the caterer charge extra fee for styling according to your theme? thanks a lot

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    1. Hi faye, I’m still getting the consent of my husband before I post any information about our budget. We didn’t pay extra for the styling, we just added a few decors on the venue but there’s always an option to get a stylist for the reception. πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Ms. Erika, can you send me too their rates/packages and other fees if possible. Im also in valenzuela. same as yours na in-love agad si h2b sa place ng patio sofia.. And thanks to your blog very informative. πŸ™‚

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  7. Hi sis πŸ™‚ nice! Im from Valenzuela, looking also for an event place. can you please send me their rates, for patio queen sofia and if you still have the rates for La rosa pavilion? thanks much sis! πŸ™‚ Best wishes to both of u πŸ™‚

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  8. Thank u for ur informative and helpful blog sis. We are planning for our sister wedding next year. Can u please send me the package details for the Alarcon Caterer and other suppliers.Thanks!

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  9. Hi sis, how much yung all in package nila sa patio queen sofia? Do they have active email address? I tried to email them pero hindi sila nagrereply. By the way thank you sa blog mo it really helps. πŸ™‚ and congrats.

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  10. Hi Ms. Erika, pwede po ba magrequest ng rates ng expenses nyo sa Patio Sophia and Alarcon Catering?

    thank you so much. Your blog was really helpful for future brides.

    God Bless and Congratulations.

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  11. Hi, may I know po kung lumipat ba kayo sa airconditioned venue the wedding day? If not, ok po ba ung sa non-airconditioned? Di po ba sobrang init?

    Thank you!

    PS: Ang helpful ng blog mo. Thanks for this! πŸ™‚

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  12. Hi Ms.Erika,
    Good day to you!
    We’re planning na sa Valenzuela ganapin yung wedding namen ng h2b ko since taga doon sya. Thank you for this blog. It’s verry informative and helpful for someone like me na di taga Valenzuela. Is it okay po to request the package rate sa patio & if you have in the other venues? Thank you so much.

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