CSG Photography

Wedding Photographer and Videographer..booked!

My addiction in watching videos and browsing wedding photos started a year and a half ago. I have watched a thousand different SDE and save the dates. I have seen various prenup pictures and the ideas ive picked up by watching them all are overwhelming. Allan and i decided to prioritize two things in our wedding.. food and photos. The food is for the guests and the photos and videos are for us to treasure forever. I want photographers that can capture magical moments in the most important day of our lives as a couple. I want others to see how allan and i love each other thru the pics and videos.

I know for a fact though that hiring a creative good photographer is kinda expensive. It can even cost as much as a 100 thousand pesos specially when you want some cinematic effects to be included. I want a Same Day Edit, a prenup video and a whole lot of pictures.

Allan and i are lucky enough to find our ideal photographer that’s just within our budget without needing to go to different wedding fair. At exactly 6 months before our wedding we booked CSG photography, my best friend’s photographer on her wedding last December and we can’t be any happier. I have seen a lot of their videos and loved it. Allan loved them too! What makes me happy too is that they are open for a shot list. I am super particular on some details and it scares me to give my ideas but not with them because they are very easy to deal with. They are excited for new ideas and they also give a lot of suggestions and recommendations. It was pretty obvious with their photos and videos that they are skillful and are passionate about their craft.

And i guess the most important thing is they are very easy to work with. I easily feel comfortble talking to Carlo and James when I met them. Allan have not met them yet but i’m confident they can go along well since Carlo and James are very professional. Here are some of their sample photos i grabbed from their FB account.

image image image Yes i know! They are amazing!

Here’s their FB page if you want to check their videos.. enjoy!


Love, Erika


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