Personalized Slippers

Wedding Details :)


5 months to go before our big day and i’m just relaxing. I got a long list of things i need to do but i’m not in the mood to “work” yet. I guess Allan and I were kinda exhausted from all the sleepless nights we had during the contest. It was so tiring and exhilirating but definitely worth it. Anyway, i got this lovely personalized slippers from the mail last week and im just loving it. I ordered it from an FB page i bumped into while im doing my regular page browsing and quickly ordered 2 pairs one for Allan and the another one for me.

Nope, our motif is not blush pink but i just want my slippers this way. They say wedding prep is stressful and i think it will be that way probably 2months before our bigday. So far for me, im kinda enjoying laying out all the details i want to execute for our wedding. Im super loving it cause it gives me an excuse to be creative.

I want the elements of our wedding to be detailed as much as possible but i know that might be difficult to execute without proper preparation. So yeah ill start preparing again next week.

Anyway, i got the slippers from My slippers factory. Check out their page below when you have time 🙂



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