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Our Wedding Style

When asked about my wedding motif, I often throw a question back.. “are you asking about our color motif or wedding style?. Yes, I can see the confusion in their eyes when I ask that question and believe me, I’m confuse too haha. So most of the time i would just end up describing my wedding vision including the color and style.

I have only attended a few weddings in my entire life and i didnt really pay attention to details except for the food that was served 😂. The only common details i remember about filipino weddings are the color motif and the tradition of cake cutting, dove relasing and wine toasting.

Browsing various wedding websites and blogs gave me a whole new persepective about wedding styles. I learned its not just about the color motif but the style would reflect your wedding theme or overall look. The color other hand would just support whichever theme you choose. Oh boy i was definitely fascinated with the creativity of couples nowadays when it comes to their wedding style and this inspired me to have my very own themed wedding.

I know it’s rather usual but im really head over heels in love with Rustic Romantic Weddings. I realized when i saw a folder in my phone dedicated solely for wedding pictures that has succulents, jute sacks, woods and bottles. Im not a classy girl so i dont really like the idea of a glamorous wedding therefore the rustic charm is just perfect for me.



Now for my color motif i decided to choose blush pink and mint green. Just because i like the color 😜

I already told my friends about it when i realized something while reading a wedding blog. (I cant remember the article and site) All i remember is that the event is OUR wedding not just MY wedding so the decision should not just come from ME but from US instead.

Just then i realize i should ask Allan if he’s ok with the Rustic theme and my preferred color motif. Here’s his take on it..

Rustic Charm does not tell our story us a couple. It does not have anything to do with us.
– Blush pink is too feminine and combining it with mint green is already an overused theme in the Philippines cause it’s trending lately.

Ok. Well he didnt really say it in a harsh way but i must admit i wad flabbergasted when he gave this comment. I kept calm and ask for his suggestions and here’s what he came up with:

School Themed Wedding. We were college classmates and both licensed teachers (although i dont practice my degree yet) so he thinks this is the best theme for us.

My reaction? Do we let our entourage wear school uniform or use arm chairs for our reception? It was kinda crazy for me but pinterest and google educated me. Here are some school inspired weddings i saw online.



School themed weddings are actually fun! It means chalkboard, personalized pencils, apples and a lot more. I actually loved it But my heart says i also love Rustic Charm so…what better way to solve this conflict but to.. compromise!!

We decided that we can combine the two themes and have a Rustic School Themed Wedding 👏👏👏

As of now i already have a list of DIY decors that will help us fully execute our theme. Ill share these DIY details on my next post since ill start working on these DIYs next month 😍

Oppps it does not end there though. Here’s allan’s suggestion about the color motif.

he said he like the color of my blouses lately (i have this habit of unconsiously choosing a color scheme every quarter of the year). For last summer for whatever reason my eyes were glued on tiffany blue and mint green. Allan liked the blue better.


My reaction? I think tiffany blue is just a seasonal color and that it’s too masculine for a wedding until google and pinteret proved me wrong again. Look at those lovely tiffany blue inspired wedding!





I know, i know.. it’s lovely and pleasing to the eyes!! I love it too.

Unfortunately, i hate to admit it but it looks like allan is right about this. 😂
I fell in love with tiffany blue too so there’s no sense arguing about it. We decided though not to let go of blush pink so our color palette will be tiffany blue with blush pink accent. Everybody happy then! We both get what we want. 🙂

Our wedding prep is also preparing us to become better husband and wife in the future. It’s a good practice to make decisions together, to discuss and listen instead of starting a debate. We learned we just have to be open minded 🙂

So there! Deal done and we need to keep the ball rolling.

Theme: Rustic School
Color Motif: Tiffany Blue with Blush Pink

***the only problem is how to execute this without spending too much haha 😂 im preparing my creative mind and hands now!


2 thoughts on “Our Wedding Style

  1. Congratulations! It’s been awhile since the last time I checked in your vlog. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! Been wanting the same thing. I’m from Valenzuela too and my fiance was also my classmate in college also. Kaya super relate ako sa mga post mo. Hehe! God bless your new journey as a wife!

    Liked by 1 person

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