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Our Wedding ConceptBoard

The simplest concepts are still the easiest to remember. This wedding planning woke up the creative side of me who has been in a deep slumber for almost a decade now. This got me all excited and my mind is bursting with ideas now (thanks to pinterest and other awesome wedding websites). BUT after assesing our wedding style once again.. i realized it’s just so difficult to put our ideas all together. How do you make a Rustic School Theme to work well with blush pink and tiffany blue? It’s just a complete chaos to combine everything! (At least thats what i think). I want our wedding to be memorable and I dont think people can remember a concept that is not even properly  “defined”.

So after contemplating about this while im at work (i get better wedding ideas while working haha) I decided to put up a wedding concept board to help me create a more harmonious wedding style and here’s what  came up with! TADAHHH!!

Here’s our own version of Rustic School Themed wedding in Tiffany Blue and Blush Pink 👌


Here’s the reason why I think or concept is more cohesive now.

I am more certain now that I want people to remember our School themed wedding now. This speaks strongly about our story as a couple, we met at a school and we are both math teachers (though im still not teaching). We will just incorporate rustic on our design but it should still circulate on the School theme.

How? Let me give you an idea what i currently have in mind.

School Theme:
– chalkboards and books for our table decors, invitations, signages, and other details.

– personalized pencil and notebook for our giveaways (ill make sure it’s tiffany blue)

– pop quiz, funny math problems for our guest cards, menu, games and message board

Rustic Theme
– pillows, basket with jute sacks and lace for our details’ texture


– mason jar for vases and pencil holder😍
(Mason jar goes well with books)

– pallocina, wood signs and other details.


That’s what i have so far and i know i would stil add more.

One thing is for sure.
It will be tiffany blue all the way!!! 👆

Im still crossing my fingers that Allan and I can make our “personal” day as the best day of our lives 👫



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