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Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Lucky is a bride who has supportive friends beside her and i’m glad to say I’m one of those lucky brides 🙂 I did not even had to ask anyone cause I got a lot of volunteers for the bridesmaids “position” the moment my friends found out i’ll be walking down the aisle. I was not able to say “yes” to everyone though due to groomsmen shortage (what’s the ratio of men to women again?) but everyone was still willing to support.

I fondly tell my girls that I’ll choose a simple dress so they won’t outshine me but of course they know i’m just joking. I want my girls to look as pretty and sexy as me on my wedding day and besides, they are paying for the gown anyway 🙂 Haha Isn’t that amazing?? Other than that, my friends always volunteer to accompany me to my trips to divisoria or anywhere I want to go. I’ll never feel alone with all the help i’m getting from people 🙂

Going back to the dress, I wanted a long chiffon tiffany blue gown for them (I originally told them its blush pink so they were a bit shock we changed it to tiffany blue haha).

wpid-f3e3e4939ad47e3592c62b6d41610a83.jpg wpid-06f9d4726ddc94e220f8b9f7e50f5430.jpg

I realized the long gown was just a bit simple so I started looking for bridesmaid dresses online they can choose from and here’s some of the dressed I found online.

Valet Tulle Dress

My niece and my younger sister wanted this Tulle Valet Dress because they are younger as to compare with my other bridesmaids but I have to say NO because the rest wanted the long gown style (including Allan haha)

Here are their REAL OPTIONS (just imagine all the dress in tiffany blue 🙂


Dress A is Dreamy for me. The white lace accent looks really romantic and the style itself looks really unique.

Dress B is Simple yet Sweet. I like the idea of the pink flower as an accent because out motif is Tiffany blue with pink right?

Dress C is Charming for me. I love the effect of the tulle skirt to the overall look. It’s still a long gown but the tulle skirt gave the gown the volume it needed.

Dress D is Classy and sexy. This is the original peg that we have so i’m still giving it as an option to them.

The skirt style and color will all be the same for everyone but if they want it sleeveless, tube or with sleeves it will be up to them. They know their body better than I do so I’ll let them make that decision. 🙂

My only responsibility of course is to look for a good seamstress. The options are to go to Divisoria, Baclaran and I also know one in Meycauayan but I want to look for someone near my place so I can easily supervise and check on the gown. Less Hassle is the goal. I always pass by a gown shop in Palasan and did not really know if they make entourage dresses but I went there anyway to inquire. The place is just a jeepney to my place so it’s perfect. The owner of the shop is Ate Amy, I have her number, saw some of her works and she gave me good pricing (though I can’t really say it’s good cause I don’t have a point of comparison yet). Ate Amy seems nice and easy to deal with, they even have affordable suit rental for the ring bearer and others. Below are some of her works. I still need to check other options and consult my bridesmaids before I decide on this. 🙂wpid-20150828_105842.jpg


16 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

    1. Hello KatnessM! Nope we didn’t get her. Our bridesmaid dresses were made by Aling Ner from Meycauayan. They make rent to own dresses (meaning: they make custom fit gowns for you then you can return it after) or you can buy it if you want to keep it. My bridesmaids decided to buy it. Their gowns cost from 900 to 1200 depending on the designs. Just lemme know if you need her number 😊


    1. Hi! I didn’t rent it.. yung mga bridesmaids ko nagpatahi. Depende sa design eh, some of them only paid 850 sa kanila na yung gown while others umabot sa 1200 yung gown nila. If they returned the gown alam ko may makukuha sila na money back na around 300 or 400 ata pero they decided to keep it 🙂


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