Paper Flowers

To DIY or not to DIY? That is the question.

Allan does not like the idea of a DIY wedding. Why? He doesn’t want me to get all stressed and worried on our biggest day. He knows i tend to have an emotional breakdown when put under pressure and this is the last thing he wants to happen on our wedding day.

I agree i have this tendency to be frustrated when things don’t go the way as planned but i also believe that the key to getting things done is by planning ahead of time, getting help from your friends, proper delegation and detailed instruction.

I also believe that the perfect way to “personalize” your wedding is by being involved in every single detail such as the decorations.

Wedding stylists are also quite expensive for a simple couple like us so DIY is really the perfect way to go. You still spend a little but it’s just gonna take a lot of effort.

We can either be contented with the default setting of our caterer or add more details on our own.

Though allan does not fully agree with the idea, i decided to try out some DIY paper flowers during my spare time. They are not perfectly done but i love it!!! I feel like a pro after watching all the youtube video tutorials and reading diy articles.


This flower is kinda big. The tutorial says it should only have three layers of petals but i made mine 4 layers hoho. Oh btw! This is made of used colored paper, the back portion has prints and its cool that they aren’t obvious.


This is my favorite! It’s super pretty right? I made that without using any patterns and i love it!



This one is super easy to make! It’s like origami and i didn’t expect it to look good after combining everything. 👯


This is made of Japanese paper but they call it tissue paper in the US. The process in making one is the same with pompoms made of tissue. It looks good right? đŸ™‚

I realized I still have the artistic flare and i get a sense of satisfaction in doing this.

So the goal now is to make a paper flower wall for our photobooth backdrop.





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