Angela Marcuccio Bride

Forever Thankful :)

For the first time in forever..
I WON!!!! yeehaa!
Yes i did!
We did!

We won the Bellisima Wedding Dress by Australian Designer Angela Marcuccio and i can’t be any happier!

Here’s the proof i won! 😄


I remember friends asking me what kind of gown would i prefer to wear on my wedding day and what my plans are to get one. I told them i might rent a wedding gown, buy one in divisoria, check out a local taylor or buy a preloved wedding dress. I just knew i did not want to spend that much on a dress that I would only wear once and we couldn’t. Though deep inside i know i wanna look beautiful and special that day.. we also can’t spend that much because of our tight budget. Until this came.. the opportunity to join a contest which i can possibly give me a gown.


The contest “My Proposal Story” of The Asia Wedding Network came very timely because i just wrote down my first blog entry on how allan proposed to me. Im not kidding when i say my heart stopped from beating when i saw the post.. i felt like the contest was really made for me. I wanted to join but i was also hesitant because joining the contest means telling our proposal story to the whole world and i just know how much allan value privacy. I asked for his consent and he just told me it’s up to me.. he didnt stop me but he did not say yes either. Confused, i almost did not submit my entry until 30mins before the deadline of submission and so the contest begun..

Since the article with the most number of views shall win.. Allan and I promoted our article in our social media accounts non stop. We were very surprise with the overwhelming response we received. Our friends shared our story to their friends and friends’ of friends, relatives and groups. It was like an unstoppable movement to make sure we win. The first week of the contest was challenging because we were at rank 2 consitently, we could have easily gave up then because it’s just heartbreaking to work so hard and still become the 2nd best for 5days but we did not give up and miraculously, we reached rank 1 on our sixth day. From then on we got the top rank but fell into the second spot again on our 10th day. This moment was so scary, at this point we were not just scared of losing the gown but we were also scared to letting our loved ones’ efforts be wasted. Apparently, our friends were also scared of the possibility of losing and so with everyone working hard.. something magical happened. My friends, people who i dont even talk to, neighbors, coworkers and everyone who got inspired by our story brought us back to the top by sharing, sending messages to their friends thus we ended the contest with almot 14, 000 views!!!


We dont have 14, 000 friends but we got 14, 000 views!! Everyone was ecstatic when we won the contest. Everyone was just so happy to see a simple couple like us happy. God is really good for giving us wonderful people. 🙂

Now i dont want to deal with money but hey! Who wouldnt want to wear a wedding gown worth more than 200,000pesos??? I have never imagined in my entire life i can possibly own and wear something like this. Im just a simple woman with simple dreams. I didnt expect much because there’s nothing to expect. I didnt know God stored something extra special for me. The most beautiful gown that I shall wear on the day Allan and I take a vow to forever in front of Him. 😍


Much to the cost, the gown is so lovely 😍
It’s the most beautiful thing ever and i guess that’s why the designer decided to call it “Bellisima” which means “most beautiful” in french.

I fell in love with the gown after seeing it online and i just can’t wait to receive it. Here’s some pictures of the gown below.




Now i believe in destiny, i feel like the gown and i are destined for each other 😍

Ive always wanted my gown to have intricate details and this one is just perfect! It’s dreamy and romantic and i cant wait to walk down the isle in this.

Thank you Asia Wedding Network for making our wedding extra special!
Thank you to all our friends who supported us!

I am extremely blessed to have an amazing support system.

I’m a happy bride now 🙂


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