Marriage License

Wedding Documents (Catholic)

We’re done booking our wedding venue, caterer, photographer and all others but we are still (until now) undecided on which church are we going to tie the knot 😩

There’s just too many things to consider such as location, rate (yes some church are actually more expensive than the others), packages they offer (some church includes flower arrangement while others doesn’t) and church policy (e.g. flower girls and ring bearer should be 7yrs old and above).

While weighing our option we decided to just complete our requirements first to make sure this marriage would indeed be “legal” πŸ˜‚. These requirements are needed anyway to book our preferred church.

Here’s the list of the church’s requirement in one of the churches we visited.


First on the list that’s needed even before we can book our date is the marriage license so off we went to Valenzuela City Hall and we got this list.


They handed us a form we need to fill up but we are not going submit this until we’re done with the family planninh seminar. So first on the list is to attend the Family Planning Seminar so off went to the City Health Office to set up a schedule. Their regular schedule is every Tuesday 12 noon to 5 PM 😯 Unfortunately for us, we both have work every tuesday so we just decided to give them a call once we are available.


If I’ll summarize everything, although we’re not yet done with the requirements, here are the documents i think that are really needed for a Catholic Wedding

1. Baptismal Certificate – This is both a requirement of the Church and you can also use this as a document to get a marriage license if you don’t have an NSO birthcertificate. You need to get a copy from the church you were baptized that says “For Marriage Purposes”
2. Cenomar (Certificate of No Marriage) – This is an NSO document to prove that you are not yet married. It’s a church requirement (Hindi naman sya kelangan sa pagkuha ng marriage license eh) and it’s 450 pesos when you order it online (ang mahal diba!!! Mas mahal pa sa NSO birthcertificate na 350 lang).
3. Certificate of Confirmation (Kumpil) that says “For Marriage Purposes”
4. 2×2 pictures

So the process goes like this.
1. Get a marriage license
– For a more comprehensive instruction in getting a marriage license, check out this Valenzuela Link website.Β
2. Submit Marriage License, Baptismal and Confirmation certificate, Cenomar to the Parish Office.
3. Schedule and Attend Dulog wherein other seminars will also be scheduled accordingly.
4. Attend church seminars, fill up forms, pay amount needed for church, choir, fee per principal sponsor listed.
6. Get married! πŸ™‚



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