Photobooth… booked!

The original plan was just to get the photobooth being offered by our venue because getting an outside supplier would of course cost us extra money due to (sadly) corkage fees. This plan changed though when we went to the Themes and Motifs Bridal Fair last September 13 and we discovered Flipbooks. Well I actually found out about flipbooks the night before we went to the fair from one of the Girl Talk forums, i searched for it via net and watched their video. I told Allan he might get interested with the new approach of Flipbooks but we would not really know if we will like it until we see the actual product. We saw their booth in the fair and Allan immediately liked the idea except that it’s kinda expensive so we decided to think about it first then went back to their booth before we leave to finally book them :). Allan and i decided to drop the souvenier to give our guests a more memorable experience since the concept of the booth is really new. We don’t want to end up giving our guests souveniers anyway that they will just end up throwing away. So there!

Here are some sample flipbooks online to give you a better idea on how it works. (I just saw these photos online and are not exactly products of our supplier)




You can check out their work from their website but the seeing the actual product is way better.


I hope our guest enjoys this one! 🙂



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