Family Planning

Family Planning Seminar… Done!!!

Yes! We are done attending the Family Planning Seminar despite our busy schedule on weekdays. Allan has no other choice but to be absent at school cause they always have work on weekdays.


I want to avoid giving comment about the seminar but I can’t help it. The first part was a bit boring because we can barely hear the speaker thanks to the defective microphone, her not-so-loud voice and the welding/construction going on while she’s talking. I guess Allan and I are a bit critical when somebody’s discussing because we’re both educators and we know the art of teaching. Honestly, we both want to listen and we hate the idea of staring at someone we can’t even hear or understand. Unfortunately, most participants look like they just attended because they’re required (that’s me being judgmental). Anyway, we survived the first two hours reading their mouth movement just to at least know what they were talking about and luckily we survived without falling asleep.


The second speaker who discussed the Family Planning Part in contrary to the first speaker was really good cause she talked loudly with enthusiasm, laughs, jokes, captured our attention and called the attention of those who were no listening. (I’m talking like i’m a demo teaching contest judge hehe). Forgive me, I just hate wasting time. All in all we learned something and whether we are Pro or Anti RH Bill is something I would not want to share. 😀


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