Fabric Flowers by Nanay · Wedding DiY

Fabric Flowers by Nanay

My Nanay might have seen me making all those paper flowers she decided to help out in the best way she knows… which is to sew! She was a seamstress when she was younger so we have a lot of scrap fabric that we almost threw away.. i didn’t know this would all come in handy. My nanay sew the flowers by hand, they are simply made with love and nothing can be prettier than that! 🙂


I’m planning to use the flower to decorate our DIY pillows, bible, cord, flower basket and we will even try to make flower headbands using it. The great thing about it this new hobby of nanay keeps her at home and prevents her from using the tablet to browse FB and play candy crush all day long. Oh yes! She plays that! 😂





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