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That Place Called TABORA

Thanks to the Holiday, Allan and I had the time to finally visit the land of the Thrifty peeps like us.. Divisoria! I was so scared to experience the ultimate siksikan in divi we went there early.. Oh REALLY EARLY. 😀

I woke up Allan at 4:30 AM and we were already at Divi at 6:30 AM but surprise! surprise! All the stores were still closed! It was really epic! I had to treat Allan to the only open fast food (Jollibee) just to make up for his wasted nap time hahaha.

Lesson Learned: Divisoria is not open 24/7 LOL. Most of the store opened at 8AM.

Tabora St. early in the morning

We searched for Tabora right away cause it’s known to be the DIY and Wedding Heaven of Divi and it didn’t fail us! Tabora is indeed filled with arts and crafts decors specially for wedding giveaways. We did not buy a lot because I tried my best not to buy things that are not needed. I even made a list of what I would buy to keep me from picking things that are not needed and I guess the strategy did work pretty well.

Here are the things we bought.

  1. Cardboard Letters – A and E letter for our prenup/wedding props. We were originally planning too buy a small and big version but to save cost, we bought the one in between! 🙂 This 18 inches letter cost 75 pesos though i think it was given to us at a discounted price (at least that’s what the Manong Tindero said). The heart shape cardboard is just 50 pesos and the smallest letter i think you can see there cost 10 pesos.
18-inches Card Board Letter

Manong’s store was the one of the first stores to open early and surprisingly Allan was the one who wanted to buy a lot of letters when he found out it’s affordable. He wanted to buy the word FOREVER, MR and MRS, out wedding date and others but I just reminded him we can print those words instead.

Cardboard Letters in different sizes

2. Small Balloons – This is also our prenup props. I saw a concept online wherein the grass is decorated with small balloons and I liked the idea but I have to admit that I somehow regret buying this cause I bought too much. I got 50 pieces of mint green and 50 pieces pink balloons just because they came in an increment of 50. I think if we could have found a better deal if we tried looking further but we didn’t. Anyway since we hate regrets, we are going to use the extra balloons on the baptismal of Allan’s niece. Still worth it! 🙂

Metallic Pink Balloons (50 pieces) – 55 Pesos Mint Green Balloons (50 pieces) – 50Php Air Pump – 75Php Balloon Sticks (100 pieces) – 50Php Total: 230 Php

3. Jute Sacks – This is to add a rustic feel to our wedding. I almost didn’t buy one because the first two vendors we spoke with said 1 Yard is 120 pesos which is expensive (for me) so we left Tabora just to go back because I really need it for my DIY project. Luckily the next vendor we spoke with gave it to us for 80 pesos.. woohoo 40 pesos savings for not jumping into the offer of the other vendors right away. It’s really best to scout for prices before buying.

Jute sacks for that Rustic Feel

4. Lace, Buttons, Pearls and Everything nice! – I need a few things for my DIY wedding pillows, candles and accessories but I don’t want to buy a lot of materials so I ended up buying 10 yards of this cute tiffany blue lace (dreamy!), a few buttons and pearls (i’m hoping it’s enough!). This was not bought in Tabora though, we got this from the stores in the ground floor of Tutuban Center. Most of the lace, ribbons and other sewing materials can be found there. I went alone inside and Allan told me it almost took me forever inside! (can’t blame me, I’m an art lover!)

Lace, Buttons, Pearls and everything nice! 🙂

5. Accessories for Prenup – I’m not a Kikay kind of girl so I don’t have a lot of accessories so I had to buy this 130 pesos cute pink necklace and bracelet.


Pink Necklace and Bracelet

6. Neck tie and Bow ties for Allan’s Groomsmen – We ordered for “Tiffany Blue” Neckties and Bow ties from the same store Allan ordered his suit (yes we found someone to make his suit). The funny story about this is we were both confused with the COLOR. We came to a point wherein we are not even sure the difference between mint green and tiffany blue and Allan even wanted to change our color motif right then and there to mint green claiming that’s the color he really liked! hahaha wow (if you read my blog regularly he was the one who decided to choose tiffany blue!)

Bowtie for the Little Groomsmen
To avoid confusion, this is our official color in Satin! Tiffany Blue

6. We did not really buy this in Tabora but rather in 168 Mall. Allan ordered his 4-Piece Suit in 168 Mall. It’s affordable and Ate who assisted us was very nice. I am crossing my fingers that this Divisoria experience won’t turn out as one of the many horror stories I have read online haha.

Here are other treats I almost bought from TABORA

Mason Jars and Bottles – smallest cost 5 Pesos and big mason jars i think costs 80 pesos

Mason Jars and Bottles

Cute Paper Flowers for 2 Pesos Each – I didn’t buy one cause my mom already made fabric flowers 🙂

Paper Flowers

Different Personalized Giveaways in a VERY affordable price  – decors such as mini lamps, bible, treasure box, crystals, vintage giveaways, Filipino theme inspired giveaways and a lot more. Allan almost wanted to buy a giveaway but it’s no longer included in our budget but who knows what can happen the next time we go back to divi.

Different Sorts of Personalized Giveaways

Pretty Dresses and Gowns in 168 Mall – Sorry picture taking is not allowed but I saw a lot of nice dresses and gowns that looks good but don’t fit good on me cause i’m chubby. lalala


So there! We did not buy a lot but I’m glad we found a Taylor for Allan’s suit. We also made up our mind we will just buy the flower girl dresses from divsoria because one dress is just 500 pesos instead of having it custom made. We will go back to divi on November to pick up Allan’s Suit, to buy my father’s Barong, flower girls’ gowns and buy wedding favors for our Principal Sponsors.

So what tips can I give you in going to Tabora?

  1. Make a List of the Things you need to buy (and follow it!)
  2. Scout for the Best Price
  3. Haggle
  4. Be nice
  5. Wear comfy clothes and please don’t wear any jewelries
  6. Check the quality of what you are buying
  7. Have fun!

3 thoughts on “That Place Called TABORA

  1. I love Tabora! Grabe, napasok yata namin lahat ng eskinita sa Divisoria when we were preparing for our own wedding. Ang dami kong ni-hoard na materials. Almost 14 years later, I still have a roll of the pistachio green organza ribbon I bought for our semi-DIY invitation. Hahahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Buti pa kayo sis! We have only been there once, I had to resist the temptation of buying non wedding related stuffs while there! I can’t wait sa next trip namin to Divi. Mas marami ng dapat bilhin 🙂


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