Harold Lejarde · HMUA

Hair and Make Up Artist… Booked!!!

I didn’t expect that looking and deciding for an HMUA can be a stressful task for me. I guess it’s because I wasn’t expecting I need to look for one. I was originally eyeing my bestfriend’s HMUA who did my make up once. My mind was already set in getting him only to find out he was already booked on my date. The idea of looking for an HMUA 4 months before our wedding was a little stressful but everything happens for a reason. I found two potential HMUAs right away and Oh boy their rates are more affordable! I browsed through their portfolios, sought for my bridesmaids’ opinion, thought about it really hard and came up with my own decision. (Allan doesn’t have any opinion about this matter and you know why!)

Today we booked Harold Lejarde, an HMUA locally base in Marilao, Bulacan


Harold was recommended by a trusted coordinator in Bulacan when he found out we were looking for one. He has been working as an independent HMUA for weddings, debuts and pageants for years now. His work is not limited just in Bulacan cause he gets a lot of out of town wedding gigs too.

I browse through his portfolio and loved his works right away including the “no make up look” peg I really want. I also feel that certain “pak na pak” impact on her previous clients’ look! Here are some photos of his previous clients. (I hope he does not mind that I grabbed this photos from his Instagram Account)


He patiently answered my inquiries in FB and even allowed me to haggle! I feel comfortable talking to him and I guess it’s because we’re at the same age (including Allan). He is nice, polite, professional and so far he is my favorite supplier among all my suppliers 🙂 I can’t wait for my grand make over!

Here’s his FB page for your reference,



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