Gown Alteration · My Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown Alteration

I’m giving up..
After experiencing palpitation and heart burn due to my not-so-intense-diet so i can fit on my gown..i am finally giving up.

This diet experience is not really for me so I’m getting the help of an expert this time.

Yesterday, i decided to bring my gown to an alteration shop I discovered online after weeks of research. The Alterations Plus is one of the biggest alteration company in the Philippines who alters just about anything including wedding gowns.


I went there a little worried because I know there’s a possibility that they might tell me the gown cannot be altered (this is the worst thing that can ever happen) or they migh refer me over to a different couturier (who knows). I heard/read somewhere that they don’t always say YES to the task because they have to evaluate if the client’s request can be done on their end or not. This is a good thing for me because that only means they only do something that they are confident of doing. Either way, my back up plan is to head over to Ivory and White Bridal store in case they say NO to my gown (Ivory and White also do alterations) but as much as possible I want it to be done at the Alterations Plus cause the alteration rate at Ivory and White starts at 5K and I don’t want to spend that much.


I went to Megamall cause I thought that was their nearest shop from my place not knowing there is one at Trinoma!!! (Stupid me!!) Ate Amanda and Edna from the shop asked me to wear the gown (So sorry nanay i’m fitting the gown before the wedding day! Haha) and voila! It has to be adjusted by x inches to fit me. They said they can either adjust the gown or put on a corset. Whatever it is, i just want to wear my gown 🙂

How much did it cost me? Just 2,500.. amazing! They also do dry clean and i think it might cause me 2,500 because the train of my gown is just BIG.


I’m happy they accepted my gown’s repair but of course nothing is over until i see it done so i’ll give you guys an update once i see the result.  I’m praying that everything goes well cause this is the last thing I want to worry about my wedding. 🙂



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