DIY Prenup Bouquet

My DIY Prenup Bouquet

Our wedding day is fast approaching and sad to say, it seems like we’re getting a bit lax after booking our major supplier. The follow up with our caterer, dress fitting and other supplier meeting will all happen on November so I decided to dedicate my October in working on our Prenup DIY Props.

After trying out some paper flowers, I made this very simple and easy to make paper bouquet. One of the “many” requests of my fiance is for me to carry real flowers on our wedding day after knowing i’m interested in making my own bouquet. OK… fine, I agreed but that doesn’t mean i’d let that stop me from making a DIY bouquet so our prenup is the perfect excuse for me to make my paper flower.

I opt to create a really easy paper flower cause I know I might eventually get tired of doing the repeat process. I followed the instruction from this link in making Paper Daisies.–craft-7890

The flower were really easy to make but you just have to be accurate and careful in folding the paper to avoid unwanted creases. Anyway, I put on blue buttons in the middle of the flower and here’s the result:

The cutest Pink Daisies ever! lalala

I used soft wires as the stem and covered it with blue tissue paper. The difficult part I must say is arranging the flower in a way that I won’t see any gaps in between the flowers.

Oh-OH! gaps in between!
almost done 🙂

To solve the problem, cause I’m kinda OC, I used some of Nanay’s fabric flowers to fill the gap in between and i’m pretty satisfied with the result.

My Paper Flower Prenup Bouquet

I ran out of blue buttons so I used blue pearls instead. It added variety to the bouquet because I thought the first result was pretty plain. You can still see some wires in the stem but I covered it all up with blue tissues after taking the picture. So there! I had fun making this because arts and craft has always been a form of therapy for me but I realized it’s a good thing i’m not making my wedding bouquet because it’s time really time consuming. Anyway, I’ll have more DIY Projects to come but I hope this post helps with you with your DIY project 🙂


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