Marriage License

A License to Marry

Yey! I just got our Marriage License today and I feel a certain kilig when I saw it. Every step of the way makes me feel giddy cause it’s like reminding me that we will be married in no time. I feel excited and happy yet scared and anxious on how the day would turn out to be. I pray everyday not just for an awesome wedding day but i pray for God’s guidance. I pray He guide Allan and me to become a good couple and parents to our future children. I pray He guide us build a family filled with love, strong faith and kindness. I pray that He reminds me all the time the importance of love in our relationship more than money and pride. This is the effect of a piece of paper to me. 😂

Anyway, our marriage license is only valid for 120 Days so i think it’s ideal to file for a license at least 4 months before your wedding. I didn’t know it has an expiration date and imagine my relief when i found out it will expire 2 days after our wedding. Whew. that was close!


I also want to give a shoutout to the nice staff of Valenzuela City Civil Registry Department for being nice and professional. I guess I have this bad impression about government officers being irate whenever you ask them questions thus i’m always uncomfortable with government transactions but they were different. Ma’am Lot who looked for our license was so nice and enthusiatic. I love her energy! Getting a marriage license was just really a breeze for uz and i hope completing our church requirement would also be a good experience.

Thanks for dropping by!


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