Letter Mache Standee and Spray Painting

Paper Mache Standee and Spray Painting


I originally wanted to wrap our letter standee into cute gift wrappers but I realized that a plain paint would be classier so Allan suggested we spray paint the letters. I got so excited I bought spray paints in leaf green because I can’t find one in tiffany blue (the struggle of choosing a uniue wedding theme)


and another one in gold.


I’m really not so happy with the result but i’m still sharing it with you guys cause it’s fine anyway (pwede na din pagtyagaan haha). I learned a few lesson from this experience which I hope you apply when it’s your turn to try this one too. I’m also sharing how much we spent for it so you can also weigh your option if you would DIY it or not.

18 inches tall letter standee – 150.00 (2×75PhP each)
12 inches tall heart standee  – 50.00
Green Spray Paint                   – 95.00
Gold Spray Paint                      – 150.00
Newspaper                                –  free!
TOTAL                                        – 445.00

I’m not sure how much they sell the ready made letter standee but I think what we spent is just ok considering we will be using this as a props for our prenup and on the wedding itself. Anyway so here’s what I did. It’s pretty easy, I used our spare room to spray paint, covered the floor with newspapers to make sure it won’t leave stain in the floor.


I laid the letters down (which was so wrong) and sprayed it like how I would spray my plants with water lala. That’s all wrong.


Here’s the result, not bad but not perfect either. I had to spray several coats to achieve the right texture since I made some mistakes. This side is good enough but the back part was ahmmm.. let’s just not talk about it haha.


Since it takes me a while to learn my lesson, i believe I commited the same mistake with our heart standee.


I also painted some bottles for our registration table decoration. The bottles turned out fine because I already know how to use the spray paint properly.


So here are the LESSONS I LEARNED from spray painting.

1. Do it in a open area wherein you can freely move and that’s well ventilated.

2. Wear a mask for safety, the smell of the spray paint is suffocating.

3. Keep the object in a standing position. You noticed my letters were on a lying position when I spray painted it, that’s wrong.


4. Move around the object not the other way around. My biggest mistake is that I was moving the object instead of me moving around the object. You got to move around it to make sure the coat is even.

5. Keep a distance between the spray paint and the object, atleast maybe 8 inches away. DO NOT EVER EVER SPRAY TOO CLOSE if you don’t want the spray paint to turn out into a liquid like paint. Here’s the difference between spraying too close and keeping the distance.


See the difference? Please listen to me haha.

6. Don’t touch it right away. I know you’re excited but please wait and give it time to dry before you even put your hands on it to rejoice. You might regret the moment you touch it when you discover that the paint is still wet. Yes, your guess is right, I made the same mistake too.

7. You can do a second or third coating if necessary but please don’t overdo it.

8. Use the brand Krylon. Of course there’s no way i’m affiliated with this company but my Girl Talker friends who are doing a pretty greaty job with their DIY highly recommend this brand.

9. Watch youtube videos and pinterest tutorials before you even do it. Don’t be as excited as me.

10. Don’t give up, if your first attempt was not a success, there’s always a second chance to redeem yourself 🙂

The gold heart does not look as fun as it should be so i’m thinking of spraying it with pink or maybe not. Overall, i’m happy i did it on my own cause i learned a new skill by trying 🙂

Here are the bottles I spray painted in action. Oh by the way, I got the chance to use the newspaper by cutting the parts that were sprayed with golds into hearts. Hope you had fun reading! 🙂



Thanks for dropping by!


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