Wedding Planning

Who told you it’s gonna be easy?

Hi, it’s been a while since I updated this blog. I had to take a quick break from the wedding planning after I got hospitalized. I got really sick to the point that Allan had to bring me to the hospital though nothing really major happened. I was just super dizzy due to lack of sleep and I guess my immune system got weak due to my unhealthy diet. I think I did a little crash diet to fit on the gown to the point that I only eat one meal a day and expect that water can help me survive everyday. I don’t think it was wrong but my body just a hard time coping up with the sudden change. Anyway, i’m all good, i’m back to my normal eating routine. I’m done celebrating my 27th birthday with my family, Allan’s done with the pamamanhikan and I am so ready to plan again because it’s already less than 3months before our wedding. God! That statement made me anxious. I can’t believe it’s just less than 3 months to go but anyway i’ll upload a lot of backlog posts today cause i got nothing to do but reorganize my thoughts. Breath in, breath out, everything’s gonna turn out fine 😌

Thanks for dropping by!


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