DIY Wedding Pillows and Cord

DIY Pillows and Cord

I know you can easily buy these accesories from divi for around 500 to 1k but I was not willing to spend that much for a common white pillow. I was confident we can make our own because my mom used to sew a lot anyway.

My future sister in law was also kind enough to give us her old wedding accesories which I decided to reinvent.


I was really happy her pillows are in heart shape cause it will look better than I originally planned. I removed the laces and ribbons.


To cut the story short, I had my mom use the jute sacks we bought from Divisoria as a pillow case and use the tiffany blue laces that was also bought from divi as a lining. The result was pretty amazing. (At least for me)


I have to remind you that our theme is RUSTIC school so the jute sacks give that rustic vibe we wanted. As an additional design, I glued pink and tiffany blue pearls that I got from Carolina’s at MegaMall.


To make it more sentimental, I used my mom’s handmade fabric flowers as a design.


This is the Ring Pillow so I had to make sure it has something that will hold the ring so I attached jute strings and my Mom also sewed our initial on it. Here’s the finish product!


Our Arrhae Pillow’s design is different. Instead of putting pink and blue pearls, I used smaller white pearls and to hold the arrhae in the middle, I used my Mom’s handmade flower to form a circle.


I’m not sure if you noticed but I used the white lace I removed from my sister in law’s old pillows as a decor on this one. The hole in the middle is where we would put the arrhae and i’m hoping it fits well.


I originally thought of the bead cords but it was just too expensive and I was also scared it’ll break because Allan and I are kinda big. This project is super simple because I just reinvented my sister in law’s old cord lala.


Basically, all I did was to remove the pearls and white ribbons in the middle and put on our pink and tiffany blue pearls as a replacement and tadah! Done in just 3minutes LOL.


I’m already happy with the result and I don’t have any plans of changing it.

In case you’re wondering how much we spent for this,

Here’s the breakdown of the cost.
Jute Sacks – 80.00
10 Yards Blue Lace – 80.00
Blue and Pink Pearls – 70.00
White Pearls – 10.00
TOTAL: 240.00 for 2 Pillows and Cord

We even have a lot of left over jute sacks which I will use to cover the Bible, decorate the matches and Candles.

Aside from saving money, the fact that my Nanay was involved in helping me do it and we used my sister in law’s old pillows made it more special. It’s like involving our loved ones to become a part of the whole process. I guess that’s what make DIY a great way to personalize your wedding.. everything is so much better when it’s made with love. 💜💙

Thanks for dropping by!


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