Finally Booked our Church (and an unwanted rant)

Less than three months before our wedding and yes! we just booked our church. It took us months of contemplation and a series of unfortunate events before we finally booked our church.

My very first post in this blog (if you have read it) states that our church would depend entirely on our Venue’s location. After booking Patio Sofia, we immediately thought of a church (that I prefer not to mention as a respect to them) which is near the area. This church is where Allan and I mostly attend the Sunday Mass lately and we thought it’s the best choice because the place is accessible to many of our guests and their charge is also more affordable compare to other churches (yes, Rate does matter)

Please forgive me if I rant, I just can’t help but share our experience.

Anyway, we went to the church to book our date. We were given a list of requirements and was advised to at get a marriage license so Allan and I did work on it. We came back with our marriage license after two months and we were advise by a different person they will schedule us for the “Dulog” or Canonical Interview. She asked for my name, the date of our wedding and my cellphone number. She advised me that she will call or send me a message to tell me the schedule of our interview but 2 weeks passed by and we didn’t receive a single text from them. Allan and I came back to the church and politely asked for our schedule of interview. We are worried and I think we have the right to be because it’s just barely 3 months before our wedding and we don’t have a church yet. The last time we went there a different person approached us and told me that we can’t get married on that church because they are already fully booked. Seriously????? They said their all their dates for January were available when we went there last June. We offered the payment but they ignored us. We have asked several questions but they ignored us too. I really feel bad on how we were treated. It’s like they don’t even want to talk us but my respect for the church remains in tact.

They told us they prioritize couples who are from the area thus they can’t accommodate us because the bride (me) is from Bulacan. Why did they not tell us ahead of time? Why did they asked us to complete the requirements if they were not even willing to take us? Told us they will schedule us for a canonical interview but never even bothered calling us or sending us a message to tell us that “hey! you can’t marry here!”. I really wanted to ask all those questions to them because I honestly think they were super inconsiderate for letting us go back there 5x, giving us false hopes instead of just telling it to us directly. I was super upset and disappointed on how they handled it. Allan asked me to calm me down so we step out of the Parish Office with weary hearts.

We went right away to National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, this is our second choice for our church. Don’t get me wrong, this ended up as a second choice because it’s a little far from Patio Sofia which means we have to spend extra money to transport our guests from the church to the venue and their rate is a little higher. I went here alone when I was scouting for churches, entered the church alone, and you may call it corny but I felt really at peace inside the church. I told Allan how much I like the serenity of the place but of course, due to our budget, we still decided to pursue the other church. GOD really knows what’s best for us. HE knows our hearts’ desire thus he directed us back to Fatima.

Here's the photo I took while I was inside the church :)
Here’s the photo I took while I was inside the church 🙂

The place is away from the highway, thus it’s quiet. The upper walls are made of glasses so you can see the trees outside and birds are chirping everywhere, such music to my ears. (I’m getting poetic here sorry haha)

It’s indeed a blessing in disguise. I think it’s God’s knows our hesitation so He made the decision for us. We needed this little push He gave us. The Parish Office Staff of Fatima Church were all nice. In a matter of 30 Minutes they were able to book our date (Thank God it’s still available!). They gave us our exact schedule for the Canonical Interview, Pre Cana Seminar and Confession. The person who assisted us answered all my questions patiently and she was just super nice!

National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

First of all, we just want to be united in front of God, to utter our promises of forever in front of him since we are both Catholic since birth. We can marry anywhere as long as it’s a catholic church. I don’t want to compare one church to another because, they are all to me, house of God. We just have to be practical at one point thus we made a list of choices available.

Disclaimer: This rant, does not intend to say anything against the church. We don’t have any bad feelings towards that church. I want to clarify that my rant is pointed towards the people who failed to assist us properly and professionally. 

Anyway, life goes on and the countdown to our big day begins. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Finally Booked our Church (and an unwanted rant)

      1. Sa mga hotels, that’s considered pencil reservation na, and they would at least inform you and give you first refusal if there are others interested in the date that you reserved for.

        So unprofessional. After all the hoops they made you jump through! And the noncommunication. Nakakainit ng ulo.

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      2. Trueeeeee. Hingang malalim talaga ako. Kung hindi ko lang inisip na simbahan sila naku.. anyway pinigilan ako ni Hubby to Be so ni let go na lang namin. As of now, kumpleto na kami ng requirements sa new church namin. Way better customer service.


  1. Hello.. thank you for your blog. Sobrang dami kong nakukuha na ideas lalo na dahil taga valenzuela ako. Mejo nahihirapan lang ako ngaun kasi saudi based kami ng fiancee ko. Ask ko lang hm ung contract price ng fatima? Thank you!

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