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DIY “Mr and Mrs” chair decor

I’m a free printable sucker because A.) I love freebies and B.) I’m not good with graphic design. I scout for free printables from one site to another and found a lot of nice grabs that we can actually use for our wedding. I woke up early and I decided to do something productive since the internet was down. I printed the “Mr and Mrs” chair decor file i downloaded from months ago. Yes, I’m finally doing it hoho.

Here’s the link

I printed it in a bond paper instead of buying a cardboard. Why buy a cardboard if you can use old folders eh? I pasted the letters in old folders because Allan has a ton of old folders then I cut it carelessly.


Allan saw what I was doing and asked me why it look so dirty in a tone that is worried he might offend me. I told him, i’ll cover it with glitters anyway so there’s really no sense keeping it clean. (My work of art are not always neatly done anyway)


I bought a bag of glitters. Literally a bag of glitters for 120 pesos because i thought i need a lot. If you decide to do this, just buy a small pack worth 20 pesos cause that’s defintely enough.


My years of DIY experience taught me that you need to use a brush to spread the glue evenly because you don’t want glitters to accumulate in just one place. (I’m just kidding about the years of experience, the tutorial from the website suggested to use a paint brush πŸ˜‚


I covered the floor with newspapers and sprinkled the letters with glitters. IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you would touch the glitters with barehands, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR ENGANGEMENT RING. Don’t commit the same stupid mistakes i have commited haha.


The tutorials says wait for 2hours to let it dry, my patience only lasted for 20minutes so I removed the excess glitters by shaking the letters and i’m pretty happy with the result πŸ™‚


I love the font and the glittery effect! 😍

I still have a lot of excess glitters so I used it to fix the Heart Paper Mache i spray painted. If you have read it, you would know I was disappointed with it cause I messed up with the spray paint. Here’s the make over 😍😍😍


I know, i know! The glitters saved my life haha. I love it!! 😍 that’s really all I can say. I have only used 1/5 of the glitters from the bag and I still have a lot of glitters left. I’m still thinking on what I would do with it πŸ™‚ Perhaps some jars with glitter decor can be a good idea.


Thanks for dropping by!


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