Wedding Planning

Wedding Monogram

We all know that the best way to save some money on your wedding budget is to DIY. I really wanted to make our own invitation because i’m pretty confident I can make a decent invite given the enough time, supplies and my credential as a “Best in Arts” when I was in Kinder. Unfortunately, it’s just 2 months to go before our big day, our laptop is acting up, the printer got broken recently and Allan’s vision of a wedding invitation is “too intricate” so we will have our wedding invites outsourced (God please help us find an invitation supplier before November ends). Anyway, I will still DIY the rest of the wedding stationary such as the misalette, thank you cards, escort cards, wedding program and everything that can help us personalize our wedding. First on my list is to make our own wedding monogram, I can try to make one using powerpoint but I decided to just try the “free monogram makers” available online since I love Freebies anyway (you know that!). I love the results I got so I’m sharing the link where I got this templates. I will still try to make our own anyway when I have the time to do so.

A. Cute Pink Heart Monogram monogram (1)

A. Circle Monogram ( Please don’t asked me why I called it the circle monogram 😀 )

monogram (2)

A. Chalckboard Monogram (because we have a school themed wedding?)


4. Couple Monogram (Man! I am running out of creative juices lately haha)


Here are the links where I got these free monograms. ENJOY!


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