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Le Petit Prince Planner

I’m not sure about you but I have been so interested with planners lately. Well to be fair, I really am a big fan of pretty papers, boxes, pens and anything crafty. I’m the type of person who would have more fun in a school supply/book store than shopping for prenup outfit (that’s me ranting because I had difficulty finding the right outfit for our prenup arghhh). Anyway, the very first legit planner I bought was Paulo Coelho’s 2015 Planner. I had to buy his book “Adultery”  just to get this planner. I didn’t like the book but I love the planner sooo much.

The planner is colorful and it’s filled with inspiring quotes from Paulo Coelho’s books. I used this planner a lot at the first half of the year but ended up neglecting it when I started working for my new company because I got less responsibilities now (which is perfect so I can concentrate on our wedding). Plus the fact that the planner is kinda heavy for a lazy girl like me.


Ok, by now I know you might  thinking that this post is not Wedding Related but sorry your assumption is wrong. I have been thinking about the perfect gift to give to my bridesmaids and guess what brilliant idea came into my mind? I’ll give my bridesmaids planners! Yes I know the typical gift to bridesmaids are accessories or beauty product but trust me, my fashion sense is as bad as my singing voice. I tried looking for accessories but i’m too scared they won’t like my style so i’ll let them decorate themselves. A beauty product won’t be appropriate too because my friends have their own preferred brands (I know them). Anyway, that can also be an excuse to give them things I personally like 😀

I tried browsing for planners available online and my they are pretty expensive. I was just lucky enough that I was able to meet an online seller while reading forums in Girl Talk. She told me she has some Little Prince Planners available and my initial reaction was “How did you know I like Little Prince?”. For real, my college friends can attest I love this book! It’s kinda cute that my second planner is also book related just like my first one. Anyway, I ordered the planners after asking for Allan’s consent and the online seller was sweet enough to give me one free planner as a wedding gift woot woot! 🙂 I got my order a day after I ordered it considering it came all the way from Dumaguete, it even arrived an hour earlier than my Lazada Package which I ordered first.

Forgive my fat fingers please
Lovely Handwriting right?

It came with this really cute card with a greeting 🙂


The planners are exactly what I imagined it to be..pretty 🙂

The brown hardbound cover is perfect for our Rustic School Theme!


The planner is undated so I can give it to my bridesmaids anytime and it also has 120 blank pages they can use to take down note of anything. I like the fact that it’s smaller than my Paulo Coelho’s planner and it’s lightweight so it won’t be difficult to throw it in my mini bag to carry it wherever I go.


Forgive my fat fingers again. I like showing them off lala

I just have to buy pens, notepads, boxes and they will be ready to go! I’ll post that some other time cause i’m still yet to buy the boxes on our next trip to Divi. You just don’t know how difficult it is for me to resist buying cute boxes whenever I pass by National Bookstore and Papemelroti. The boxes (I assume) is cheaper when bought in divi.

Check out @vintageandremembrance on Instagram for amazing vintage finds! She sells crate and barrel porcelains, nice Mrs. Winterbottom’s jars, Cath Kidlon’s Stanley mugs and many more. 


3 thoughts on “Le Petit Prince Planner

  1. Awwww…thank you for your very complimentary review of the LPP planner and mt little online shop. Very young as it is, my little shop owes it to you, and the rest of the buyers, for trusting me and letting me join, in my own little way, you in your journey to forever.

    Much thanks,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Np 🙂 It’s nice to bump into trusted sellers online. I’m always tempted to buy stuffs from your shop but i’m holding off from spending on non wedding related finds for now. I’m looking forward to more purchases after the wedding 🙂


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