Quick Divi Visit

Divisoria Part 2

Last November 19 was our second and probably the last time we will visit Divisoria for our wedding. We thought of cancelling the trip because we were still tired due to our prenup shoot November 18 but then again, this is the only time we’re available together (thanks to the APEC summit) so off we went to Divi with the whole family. My parents, lil sister and Allan’s 2 siblings.

We went there to:
A. To pick up Allan’s suit from Teng’s Bridal and Suit Stall at 168 Mall
B. To buy my parent’s gown and barong tagalog and a suit for Allan’s younger brother
C. Buy ready made flower girls dresses

A lot of people were also smart enough to take advantage of the APEC summit so Divi was full packed with people as early as 9 AM. Unfortunately, we have to leave early because Allan and I are also scheduled for our Canonical Interview at Fatima Church and my parents can’t walk around divi all day long (they are too old for that)

Our first agenda is to buy my parent’s outfit. The first time we went at Divi, we saw a lot of gowns in a very affordable prize in the market besides Tabora Road (I don’t know it’s name sorry) so we decided to go there besides, malls are still not open at 9:00 AM. I think the prize here is cheaper as to compare with the stalls inside the malls because of obvious reason; they pay lower rents. We walked around, my mom had to try on several gowns until she found her Filipiniana inspired gown. We bought my father’s barong and robert’s suit in the same store. They said it’s easier to ask for discount if you’re buying in bulk so I let the prize negotiation to the experts. Although I have to say I feel embarassed when my mom haggle for the price cause I sometimes feel she’s asking too much discount but oh well, that’s the way it goes.

We got my Mother’s Filipiniana Gown for 1,300

My father’s Barong Tagalog and Pants for 1250

and Allan’s younger brother’s suit for 1,000

We also bought an Arraeh for 200 pesos on the same store though I have to say you can buy one for as low as 50 pesos. It’s just Allan wanted he design of the 200 pesos arraeh.

So at around 10:30 AM we were done with the outfit we needed to buy.

We went straight ahead to the 6th floor of 168 Mall to pick up Allan’s suit from Teng’s Suit and Bridal Gowns. 

He tried it out and he loved it! Allan’s suit fits him perfectly well. My Hubby to be is a bit chubby like me but the suit made him look like a buff cadet officer (not that it matters because i love his flobs). The fabric they have used is exactly what we wanted and it was well made. The only problem I had with them is the buttons were not what we talked about. We asked for a covered button specifically and they had put a simple brown button. I didn’t like it but Allan said it didn’t matter to him so we just had to let it pass. Besides, we don’t want to hassle ourselves to going back to Divi just because of the buttons. I’m giving them an 8/10 because of that.

We dropped by a party supply store at the ground floor of 168 Mall to buy these paper doilies I saw previously but I didn’t buy.

Paper Doilies (58 Pesos for 100 pieces)


Blue and Pink Ribbons for our Wands (79 Pesos for 10 Rolls)
Wooden Clips (40 pesos for 30 pieces)


My parents and my little sister also bought sandals and shoes. We didn’t buy dresses for our flower girls because we can’t find the style that I wanted so we will have that custom made. I really still have a lot of things that I needed to buy but I failed to do so due to the time constraint so we will probably still go back to divi when we have the time to do 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “Divisoria Part 2

  1. hi sis! how much did u buy his coat and tie? and do u have any idea how much is their wedding accessories (pillow, veil secondary veil and cord)? thanks! this blog is sooooo helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dianna, it’s nice to hear you find my blog helpful. I didn’t buy wedding accessories because I made my own but I saw a pillow can cost as much as 200 pesos to 500 pesos depending on the design. For the veil, I only bought several yards of tulle cloth and sew the sidings. Check out my DIYs if you want. 🙂


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