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Wedding Cake..Booked!

The wedding cake comes last in our list of priorities because Allan and I just don’t see the point of getting a cake with several layers that we won’t be able to share with our guests. We can also imagine it will be difficult to divide the cake among our relatives after the wedding so to be fair to everyone we were just planning to get a two tiered cake with mini cupcakes. Heck even a one layer cake will do as long as we can slice it, I just really want to be practical haha. Allan’s older sister though was kind enough to give us the budget for our cake (Thanks ate!) so, we might get a bigger cake since it is being given for free anyway hoho.

We know several cake stores in our area, saw some people online but maybe because it was not really a priority, I didn’t bother inquiring for the prize. Besides, Allan and I already met a supplier from the Themes and Motif Bridal Fair last September at MOA (which is btw, the coolest bridal fair we have ever attended) that we somehow liked. We saw Hearts and Bells Cakes in all the bridal fairs we have attended so I was quick to check the next bridal fair in town because i’m pretty sure they will also be present there. True to my gut feel, Hearts and Bells was present in the Before You Say I Do Bridal Fair at SM Megamall last November 22.

12244378_1208126529203963_4129665101077621072_o (1)
Photo Grabbed from the Heart’s and Bells FB Page

We talked to their representative like we knew her from the last wedding fair in September (though of course she does not remember us). I didn’t try their cakes the last time we saw them so I now took the opportunity to try their cakes. I loved the chocolate chip banana cake and surprisingly, the tropical carrot cake. Allan on the other hand didn’t like the chocolate chip banana cake and liked the chocolate and carrot cake better. One good thing about them is that they can combined two flavors in your cake but as or us, Allan and I were both in love with the tropical carrot cake.

We don’t want to be impulsive so we roam around the bridal fair three times before we came back to Hearts and Bell to finally book them. At that point, Allan and I are also confused as to what package are we going to get. Their current offers at the fair are:

It’s either the cake with the mini cakes and cupcakes for 8,000 or the three layer cake on top for just 4,500 + free cake topper. *designs can be changed
  1. 3 Layered Cake (5 inches height per layer) with 12 mini cakes and 24 cupcakes for 8,000 PhP instead of the regular rate of 9,200 PhP
  2. 3 Layered Cake (5 inches height per layer) for 4,500 with either free cake topper, free height upgrade or a 10% discount. 

**Disclaimer: Only 3 inches of the bottom layer is edible on the cake and they have a variety of standard cake designs you can choose from. Requesting for a customized cake design can cost more but I have to say their standard cakes are pretty good we won’t need a customized one plus the fondant toppers can be customized anyway.

Here’s the link for their cake designs:


Here are some pictures of their cakes I found online:






I bet they had other promos but I didn’t bother asking questions on bigger cakes and intricate designs.

I was more interested with the cake topper while Allan wanted the height upgrade (opposite attracts?). We can’t decide so the representative allowed us to book them for now and finalize the details on a later time. They advised us we can still get the promotional price in case we decide to get the mini cakes and cupcakes. We will more likely to get the 4,500 three layered cake with free cake topper and just buy really small cupcakes from someone else for our guests. Oh by the way, the only additional charge is 300 PhP for the delivery fee in Valenzuela City and they will deliver it at least 2 hours before the event.

Allan and  need to finalize the design that we want at least 2 weeks before our wedding but we are planning to do it at an earlier time. As of now, we are clueless on what we want haha.

Feel free to check their FB Page:


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