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Invitation Supplier..Booked!

Of course I want to DIY our invitations.. I really want to.. but we already have so much going on and Allan is right that I can’t add this to my plate anymore. We decided to look for an invitation supplier when we went to the Before You Say I Do bridal fair. Yes you can look for suppliers in Recto, Divisoria and other places but we just want to hit two birds with one stone when we went to the bridal fair (Cake and Invitation). It was a good thing that there were around 5 invitations supplier present in the fair, we scouted for the rates and came down to three choices, two of which we were eyeing their folded photo invitation while the other one is a simple invitation with foil stamp. We agreed on a budget and we knew we can’t go beyond 80 pesos per invitation. We were also just going to order 50 pieces since we only plan to give formal invitations to principal sponsors and members of the entourage. The rest would only receive a save the date made by yours truly :). The lead time is also a matter of concern, we have to make sure they can accomplish the invitations before December ends so we can distribute it on the first week of January. The three remaining suppliers said they can work on our schedule so it was just a matter of deciding if we want a photo invitation or the simple foil invitation. If you read my blog often, you would know by now that Allan and I are really bad in making decisions together. He hates or he’s sometimes scared of contradicting my opinion so it’s just difficult for me to figure out if i’m doing the right thing or not.  Anyway, we left the fair to eat because we don’t want to make a decision with a hungry tummy. Unfortunately we were still undecided after eating so we went back to the fair to check the three suppliers one more time. All the invitations we were eyeing for by the way have the same rate, after looking at all the choices, I decided to choose the very last supplier we visited, the one that offers a loose 5×7 invitation with foil stamps, they are Global Invitations. I’ve read about Global Invitations from different blogs and forums and they have pretty good feedback.

My reason for choosing this type of invitation? I remember the day when I asked Allan if I can DIY the invitations.. He said the digital printed invitation doesn’t have an appeal to him and he thinks, embossed and foil stamps invitations look more formal. OK. Mentally noted.

What confused me is that Allan really look interested with the photo invitations when we were roaming around so I can’t really figure out what he want and the only reply I get from him is “kahit ano gusto mo, ikaw na bahala” Arghhh, I bet all brides to be can relate to this famous line. 

Don’t worry that’s not the only reason why I chose the style. I asked myself how I really wanted the invitation to look like and all I can imagine is a dainty invitation with calligraphy and that can be a lot better with foil stamp. I was thinking of making photo made Save the Dates anyway so we can still use our photo in the future. So there! We paid 2,000 for the down payment, I will finalize the invitation content this week, send it to them so we can see the draft.

Here’s some sample of their simple minimalist invitations. They have more intricate designs but I didn’t bother asking because I bet it’s beyond our budget.

Disclaimer: All photos on this post were grabbed online.




We got a two insert invites with an additional page for the map, a basic envelope with customized engraved monogram on the seal. The price is 72/invitation because we were only getting 50 pieces, the price can go down to 58 Pesos each if we decide to get a 100 pieces. As of now, I am not yet decided on what I really want but the good thing is I can make changes if I would not like the mock  up result. I’m hoping everything run smoothly and I’m praying I don’t disappoint myself or Allan. ❤


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