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Wedding Map

Disclaimer **Please skip the first paragraph if you’re just interested with the map, I can’t help but use this blog to release stress lalala

Finalizing the invitation details in full swing. Opening the blog and being welcomed by my Countdown Calendar that says 1 Month to go before our BIG DAY freaks me out. Well, technically it’s 1 month and 3 weeks to go but oh gosh, time flies by really quick. I’m scared to wake up the next day and find out it’s already 2016. The realization that we need to be able to send our invitations before December ends so we can finalize our RSVP by the first week of January scares me. Global Invitations said they will try/they can produce the invitations before December ends but that would still depend entirely on how soon can we provide the details to them. As of now, we still have to visit a few Principal Sponsors to formally asked them and get the information from our entourage. To top it all off, I also decided to change the initial invitation design we selected during the bridal fair. I’m not really good with making on the spot decisions because I tend to regret a few things after re-analyzing my decisions (Over Thinker Alert here! Sometimes i think i’m crazy 😀 ) So after a night in the office, I realized I selected a design that is not aligned to my vision of our invitation. I quickly shoot Global Invitations an email and thank God they replied after a few hours and told me I can still change it but it’s best to drop by to their office to avoid confusion.

The plan is, I should be able to:

A. Finish Invitation Wordings – DONE 

B. Create a Wedding Map (I can actually just send Global Invitations a link for the address but I want to make one to make sure it’s still a little fancy because the package we got from GI does not include designing) – DONE

For our wedding map, I grabbed a map in Patio Sofia’s Facebook Account. You can also search the address through Google Map and then capture a screen shot, save the photo and edit it yourself.

Patio Sofia’s Map

The map look so commercialize to me and definitely not worthy to be attached in the invitations so using the office’ 2013 Microsoft Powerpoint (this is what’s keeping me busy at work lalala) I edited the photo. I don’t have knowledge about Adobe yet so I’m more comfortable of using power point.


I changed the photo into black and white cause I don’t want the Mang Inasal disturbing the photo haha then changed the background into pink. Man! PPT 2013 can do a lot!

I inserted the blue heart vectors, inserted a text to put the name and tadaah! I’m done with my simple wedding invitation map.

Patio Sofia Map.jpg

embed (6)embed (4).png

The calligraphy came from a free calligraphy website.

This is pretty simple because you can put vectors of couples, church and other stuff in it but I want to keep it this way. The pink and tiffany blue is our color of course so I find it cute lalala.

Anyway, our original plan for the map is we will have Allan’s student draw a cute Map and then scan it but this caricature type is no longer appropriate for the final style of the invitation I have in mind. So there!

You can also check out this helpful link in creating a FREE WEDDING MAP 🙂


C. Include complete name of Entourage and Principal Sponsors, Officiating Priest and other details (Hay not yet done)

D. Visit Global Invitations on Monday to finalize the design that I want and Forward the final invitation layout to them. (uh-oh)


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