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8 weeks before our big day and yet we just booked our flower supplier, Bravo! Bravo! Flowers, is one of the last things we want to spend our money with but it’s also something we can’t definitely eliminate on our wedding. I have suggested DIY flowers to Allan but as you know, that’s not something he consider since there is still a certain magic from fresh flowers. Anyway, I have scouted for flower suppliers rates and the normal/average rate is 7,000 PhP for the Church Flower Arrangement and 5,000 PhP for the most basic flower entourage package. This was beyond our budget so I had to hold off booking florist until I am completely decided we are willing to spend more than 10K..  :D.

Some church offers flower arrangement as a part of their package but not Fatima Church. This is something we had to accept when we signed the contract but that’s no biggie , believe me 😀 We considered a few suppliers, we almost signed up to Dangwa Florist  during the Themes and Motif bridal fair because they are famous to budget brides last November but we thought of looking for a more affordable option (Kuripot mode Activated!)

We also considered Kitkat’s Flower Shop since they are from Valenzuela City but their rate is similar to Dangwa florist, only we won’t have to pay for a delivery fee since they are already from Valenzuela :). Come to think of it, I never contacted them since I was really eager to find a supplier that is within our budget.. ask how much? 8, 000 PhP 😀

The two above suppliers are pretty good, check out their rates and portfolio if you want to 🙂

We also checked some small florist, the ones you can find near the church, mostly operated by old men and women. I love talking to them! I also want to help them by taking them as a supplier but I’m kinda worried about the old approach they have with the design (so sad, so bad). Allan and I are on the same boat so we didn’t get them.

We also considered just hiring a florist who would go to Dangwa come the wedding day, arrange the flowers and take care of everything but this florist must be able to produce a wedding arc/curtain for my grand entrance. We were suppose to meet one florist recommended by Allan’s brother in law until we found Jbelle Flower Arrangement. They were the florist of a wedding that I saw on Patio Sofia’s page. I liked their church flower arrangement and the bride’s bouquet was ok so I sent them a message and was surprised that their lowest package is 8, 000 PhP whgich includes flower arrangement for both the church and entourage. Perfect for our budget!

8K Flower Church Arrangement + Entourage
12179891_887578404661699_160577124_n (1).jpg
8K Church Flower Arrangement 🙂

Just to be sure, I sent them a long message asking if they can give us a curtain for the Grand Bridal Entrance that is decorated with few flowers, if they can spray my blue bouquet roses, if I can have baby’s breathe and all others. They said yes. It’s kinda too good to be true but I had to rely on this one. Their FB account is filled with several events they handled since 2014 and I guess that’s a good enough basis that they are legit. The only problem is most/all their wedding events are INC wedding so I asked them if they are exclusive to INC weddings and they said they aren’t so that gave me the go signal. I met them, talked  to them and signed the contract. It’s too early to give a feedback so I would only know their our wedding day. So far, they communicate well and tell me the things that are can be done or not. I am keeping my hopes high that everything turn out well. I will also have to think about if I want to upgrade my flowers into Ecuadorian Roses but i’ll do that if we have extra money 😀

Here are a few more sample of their Church Arrangement

Here’s a few samples of their bouquet arrangements:

Nice right? I consider it a good find 🙂 It’s affordable and I can see their work is in good quality base on the pictures on their FB account 🙂


***Disclaimer: All photos were grabbed from Jbelle’s FB Account. I don’t claim any copyright to these photos.

Here’s their FB account if you want to check them out.


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