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Shopping Mall Wedding Finds

Hello! It has been exactly 10 days since the last time I updated this blog. Last week was crazy.. we had our Pre Cana Seminar which enlightened Allan and I in the path we are about to take, we accompanied our entourage with their Gown Fitting, finalized the entourage list and visited our Ninong and Ninang, also spent times sending email to suppliers.

As of now, I’m still waiting for our Prenup photos from our P&V team so I can work on our Save the Date and other details. I am also working on the Entourage Favors but that’s still a work on progress that I don’t think is worth sharing for now. Too many pending work that are being delayed for reasons I don’t know.


Shopping has been my therapy lately but instead of buying cute little things (which I usually do), I am mostly thrilled to buy/find some wedding stuffs whenever I go to the mall. I just want to share to you a few places where you can find some cute wedding stuffs.


Yes, of course it has to be Daiso! Who doesn’t love this place anyway? (Answer: Allan or any pa-macho guy perhaps? haha) You can leave me at Daiso for hours and I won’t get bored, seriously! Daiso is one of stores that can easily make me happy and of course it’s a good source of wedding stuffs because they sell just about anything as long as it’s cute!. Here’s just a few of the things I found that can be used in a wedding.


Cute Suspenders for your Ring Bearer and Little Groom (88PhP)
Affordable Neckties for your Groom’s Men (88PhP)
Cute Craft Materials for your Wedding DIY (love the color!!!)

…and there’s so much more but I was just too busy and too shy to take pictures while I was there. I think the biggest Daiso outlet I have been to is the one at Robinson’s Galleria but who knows, I have only been in a few of their outlets anyway 😀 . One thing is for sure, you can’t find a Daiso outlet in SM, mostly in Robinsons. The price of their products is almost the same with Divisoria but it’s definitely better than the price of the products inside the department stores. The quality is somehow better as to compare with the ones you find in Divi but that’s just my opinion of course 🙂


I don’t know why but there’s just too many cute things in Landmark. I went there when I meet up with our florist and there were soo many cute things in there!

Perfect center piece for your reception tables right?
These cute dainty envelopes 🙂 (24 PHP each)
Too many cute shabby chic boxes (24 PHP each)
All kinds of cute boxes for your wedding favors 🙂

The price for some products are of course a little higher as to compare with the ones from Divi but there are just some stuffs that you can’t find anywhere else. I did the math and realized it’s more affordable to buy the shabby thick chic envelopes to used as a packaging for my bridesmaids favor instead of  buying boxes and wrapper from Divi. I also found a lot of possible Principal Sponsor Favors at Landmark but I just was not able to take pictures of them for the same reason (I was shy and too lazy to do so lalala).

Carolina’s at Megamall

If  you live or work near SM Megamall and do not want to brave the busy streets of Divi, this place is perfect for you! It’s a wedding DIY heaven! They have different fabrics, wedding accessories from bags, to head pieces, veil, arrhae and many more. This is where Allan and I bought the box for my wedding gown, our secondary veil, some pearls and so much more. Of course the price is higher as to compare with the ones in divisoria, but hey you’re paying for the convenience anyway.


I’m not sure if they sell gowns, but I know for sure they sell fabrics where the gowns were made of.
Ribbon Heaven!!
All sorts of fabric
Flower Girl headpieces anyone?


PEARLS (from 15 pesos above depending on the size)
Masquerade party after?
More headpieces!

There are a lot of wedding stuffs you can find from Shopping Malls, all you got to do is to look around and open your eyes to possibilities. In all honesty, you can find a lot of nice gowns in the mall. My bridesmaid and I found a really nice and good quality gown at Landmark for 1,200 pesos but I guess the issue with RTW gowns would be the fit. Some wedding gowns are even amazing, it makes me want to have a second gown for the reception (a bride can dream of course!)

Anyway, that’s all! I hope my next post is all about our prenup and wedding progress 😀

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored,  I just want to share to you the places that makes me happy by far while preparing for our wedding. 




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