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Wedding Rings from Ty Po Huat

Another item off our checklist! Yey! We originally planned to scout for wedding rings from Meycauayan City because it’s known to be the Jewelry Capital of the Philippines but we ended up going to Ong Pin because we saw more reviews about Jewelry stores who sell legit wedding rings. I know there’s a lot of trusted suppliers from Meycauayan but we don’t know any Goldsmiths from the area and we only saw a few reviews online. I’m a bride born in an era where reviews from other brides matter. In a way, their first hand experience gives me confidence in whatever decision I make. It was sad that none of our friends or family members know a goldsmith from Meycauayan so off to OngPin we went carrying a list of three Jewelry Stores that have several reviews online: Mayfair, Ty Po Huat and Goldfinity. The warnings I saw over and over in the internet says that some Shops from OngPin sells fake jewelries so we were careful not to approach the ones that are not in our list because we were just too scared to be skimmed. I guess the fact that Allan and I do not know anything about gold gives us a big time fear of checking out other stores. I’m pretty sure other stores were legit sellers, I even saw some reviews for other stores but we just decided to go with the ones that were already tried and tested by others. The first from the list that we saw was Goldfinity and while checking some of the rings,  Allan realized he wanted a simple design, this came as a big surprise to me because he’s usually attracted to anything that is overdecorated hehe (peace hon!). We also, originally thought of two toned wedding rings but we didn’t find any that we like.

After checking a few more on the set of 18K wedding rings, we were both in love with the simplest comfort fit gold wedding rings. It was really so simple yet of course timeless and classy.

We almost bought the pair of rings from Goldfinity but we decided to check out Ty Po Huat because I heard their rate is more affordable and true to the news, the price of the exact same wedding bands we like was cheaper by a few hundred pesos and yes you can haggle.


Sir Henry was the one who assisted us though a day before we went there though I was already exchanging messages with Ms. Joanne. They were both accommodating and easy to talk to so we closed the deal.

This is not our wedding ring but this is how it looks like. I’m just not yet ready to post a photo of it until after the wedding.

Photo Credit to:

We paid for the discounted price of the ring, asked for a receipt (this is very important!) and we did wait for around 10 minutes as they engrave our names on the rings.

Is it weird that I feel so kilig when I wear our wedding rings? 🙂 I really feel like a full pledge wife when I wear it. I love that it’s simplicity and the fit in my finger! Oh and did I tell you we got it in an affordable price? I think it’s cheaper than buying rings from the mall. 🙂

We didn’t bother going to Mayfair anymore though they are more famous because base on what I have read, their rates are a little higher and they focus more on custom made pieces.


26 thoughts on “Wedding Rings from Ty Po Huat

  1. Hi ma’am and sir. Just want to ask po if how much ang wedding ring na nabili nyo po? We are estimating po kasi ang magagastos namin sa rings sincr we are on a budget and civil wedding lang din naman po kame. Hope you can help us. Thankyou!

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  2. Hi Good evening! May I inquire po also how much are the wedding rings in Ty Po Huat Ong Pin? We are on a budget, kung affordable sa amin will schedule a trip to Ongpin. We are outside Manila pa kasi. Thank you po sa help. 🙂

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  3. Hi. Well wishes to you and your partner, on your wedding! We are also in search of simple and affordable rings. Friends have recommended Ongpin, but we have yet to schedule a trip there. It’s fortunate that I saw your blog. Thank YOU. May I also ask for the price of the wedding bands you got from Ty Po Huat?

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  4. Hi. I just want to ask magkano bili mo sa wedding rings niyo? Same design lang din kasi gusto namin pero yung makapal. And I think makapal naman siya. We’re on a budget rin kasi and we’ll have the civil wedding maybe this month or next month. Thank you sa blog mo. It really helped us a lot Lalo na bago pa ako ditto sa Luzon. 🙂

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  5. Hello! Gusto ko po sana itanong kung magkano pagkabili nyu po sa wedding ring nyu po.
    Budget din kasi lang kame ni Mrs.. Thank you and God bless po sa inyong dalawa ni Mr.

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  6. Hi Nostalgicej,

    Thanks so much for your blog, may I know also how much did it cost? We’re also planning to visit Ongpin one of these days. Thanks again!


  7. I and my hubby to be were planning to visit the same store? How much yung mga prices nila? and is it legit gold manufacturer? Thanks


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