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Prenup PhotoShoot

We joined the bandwagon and decided to have a Prenup Photo Shoot though Allan can’t seem to find the essence of having one. We talked about it and of course my magical nonsense explanation convinced him that it’s a “must” to have an engagement shoot.

So what’s the need for a Prenup Shoot really? Aside from the fact that we want to use the photo for our Invitation and Venue Decoration, I think a Prenup Photo Shoot is a great way of  capturing our moment as an engaged couple. I just thought it would be nice if I can get to show our future children and grand children a picture of Allan and I.. when we were still young and madly in love with each other (not that we plan to fall out of love of course). “Look oh, Lola was so pretty and hot/fat those days” 😀

Of course we were tempted to go with a nature themed photo shoot. You know, maybe go up in the mountain, do some beach running or rice field romance.. but doing something that is not related to us just doesn’t feel right. We want our Prenup Shoot to tell our story as a couple so we decided to go with the School Theme and Daily Grind Shoot all the way.

Our love story tag line will tell you the story, so without further ado, here’s some of the photo from our amazing shoot.

College Classmates..

Love love this shot!
Not in school children, not in school.. tsk tsk haha

Long Time Lovers, 

I wear the best smile when I’m with you.. 🙂


Awesome mirror shot

Both Foodie,

Don’t ever ask me how I got so fat..
Not in the dining table children, not in the dining table, tsk tsk haha


Certified Couch Potato Couple here!
Oh how I love this shot!




Fact: I don’t know how to ride a bike

We are tying the knot finally!


I know our suppliers did a pretty amazing job since I can’t stop looking at the pictures and I feel a certain kilig whenever I do so.. 😀 I still don’t have a copy of our Prenup Video but I’ll upload it as soon as I have it (As long as I don’t see anything embarrassing on it ) Anyhow, I plan to create a separate post for my Prenup Supplier Review.

For now, here’s the list of our suppliers for your reference:

Photo and Video: CSG Photography

HMUA: Harold Lejarde Make Up

Location: Jardinita de Maria Pavillion


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