Prenup Supplier Review

Prenup Supplier Review

They say a Prenup Shoot is like organizing a mini wedding. The stress you will experience is similar to the actual stress on your wedding day. I guess I have to agree with that. I didn’t expect our Prenup Shoot to be stressful but it was, probably due to our lack of preparation but it still ended well… thanks to our amazing suppliers!

Disclaimer: Allan and I came up with the list of Suppliers base on friends’ referral and good reviews from people Online. I have read several wedding blogs (as in a lot of wedding blogs!) from previous brides and their experience have helped us in coming up with our own list of Suppliers. This post is my way of giving back , the intention is to help future Brides in selecting their own suppliers just in case they consider anyone from our list. So there! Enjoy!

HMUA: Harold Lejarde 
Rating: 10++/10

We already knew he’s talented because of his impressive portfolio and rave positive feedback from his previous clients. What impressed us the most aside from his skills is his professionalism and dedication towards his craft.

Let me enumerate the reasons why we were impressed:

  • Punctuality is a good indication of professionalism and Harold have always been early in all the meetings we have had with him.
  • When we signed up our contract, he did set up the expectation that it would be his hairstylist who would accompany me on the day of the Prenup and it was not a problem with me. Come the day of the Prenup,  he still went to our second location since it’s near their studio. You know it’s not necessary but that for me is one way of going the extra mile for your client.
  • Our contract with him states that I can have three looks on our Prenup but come the day of the shoot he gave me a fourth look because we have four scenes without any issues nor extra charge.
  • He prepared accessories which Allan and I can use so he’s like an HMUA and an IMAGE STYLIST in one!
  •  He gave us helpful tips from the color of my hair to my nails and made sure my overall look does not just make me pretty but also complemented the look of my groom.
  • He’s proactive. Before the day ended, he asked if it’s possible for us to meet up few weeks before our wedding so we can talk about the schedule on my wedding day.

I guess by now you know the reason why we were impressed but wait till you see my look. I got a lot of compliments from internet friends asking me who my HMUA is because they were amazed by the simplicity of my make up which brought out my natural beauty (daw) haha.


Location: Jardinita De Maria Pavillion
Ratings: 9.5/10

On my post Valenzuela City Wedding Venues, I mentioned we almost booked Jardinita De Maria Pavilion because I love the vintage rustic effect of the place. We didn’t end up booking them for our reception but we got them for our Prenup Location. I sent them a message on FB and they responded within the day. Their rate is 3,000 PhP for 4 hours and the schedule is either 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM or from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. I thought it was kind of expensive because the rate is almost the same with the venue you can find in Manila and 4 hours of shoot might not be enough for our concept. I swear i’m not comfortable haggling but I guess it comes out naturally when the circumstances demands you to do so. I asked if we can still have the venue for a whole day without additional charge and they said yes so done deal. Come the day of the prenup, Allan’s siblings went there to prepare everything while we were on our first location and Jardinita was not strict at all. They were able to enter without issues, we were able to use the entire place, move furniture if we wanted, use utensils and basically do anything we wanted.  I guess the perfect thing about that is they were not lenient and that made our stay there hassle free. The place is perfect for our theme because we were able to use the house for our “daily grind”, the garden for the picnic and the pavilion hall for our the formal shots.You would be surprise to find photographic spots in a very small area. Anyway, here are some of our official photos taken in the place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see a better view of the location on our Save the Date video which I will upload on a later time. I’m not giving it a perfect score because it was pretty hot in the area and there was only one electric fan available. It could have been perfect if enough ventilation was available 🙂

CSG Photography

***The review is not yet available since we are still waiting for the save the date video. You can already see the nice photo but we want to give a rating base on the overall experience including the video output. chow! 😀

Those are the only suppliers that we have because the food was prepared by Allan’s siblings, we used the car of Allan’s best man who also assisted us all throughout the day! It’s such a treat to have good friends. Oh by the way, Allan and I were the one who created some of the props (applause please haha)

My takeaway for the day, being an actress is such a tough job but you realize that all the smile wrinkles and awkward pauses are worth it once you see the amazing photo at the end 🙂


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