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DIY Wedding Invitation

As a lover of paper and anything pretty, a wedding invitation is a must for our wedding. This vision is tough for someone who is planning on a budget but let that not stop you from carrying out your plan. With a folder filled with inspiration from Pinterest and a bag of affordable goodies from Divisoria, Allan and I made a few wedding invitations for our guests because we already ordered 50 Pieces from Global Invitation which we will give to our Principal Sponsors and members of the Entourage.

The concept is simple, we just want to give a paper invitation that includes the venue, date and time with a small RSVP card that says how many seats we have reserved for them since not all our guests use Facebook.

Here’s the design inspiration that we (I) liked on Pinterest.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

I created a Photo Invitation using Microsoft PowerPoint (because I feel comfortable using it) but to avoid making it look like a school project, I used some Free Printable online. I searched for a Chalkboard Wedding Invitation and found this Free Printable from Love and Lavander (thank you!). It’s a PDF File so I edited the information, captured a screenshot, cropped it and saved it as a photo. We were supposed to incorporate just one photo in the invitation but we (Allan) wanted a lot of pictures so we settled with four photo. I combined it in a collage together with the wedding invitation details and here’s the result:

**I covered our event information but not our faces so see you around hahaha

Official Invitation.jpg
I changed all the information in the free printable template and included all information I think is necessary (Date, Time, Location, Address, Attire)

The free printable also came with an RSVP card. I changed the wording and indicated a space to write down the number of seats reserved for them.


If you have a good quality printer, by all means.. print it! We don’t, so I had the picture printed in a Photo Printing Store at Meycauayan City for 6 Pesos each (4R size). I was originally wanting a matte printed invitation but I can’t find any who does that so I settled for the glossy photo which looks nice anyway.

I initially printed 30 pieces for 180 Pesos.

The photo paper was thin so to make the invitation sturdy, I pasted it on old folders and notebook cover. I’m not kidding. I used old things because buying new cardboard will defeat the purpose of saving. It will be covered with doilies anyway (I hope I’m still making sense).

I used 2 pieces of doilies to cover both the front and back portion of the invitation.
It looks like this after.

I tried tying it up with Jute Strings but it didn’t look good to me so I used the left over Tiffany Blue Ribbons we used for the wedding wands.


Allan chose this monogram from one of the many monograms I edited and created online and tadah! Here’s the finish product!



The RSVP Card is inserted inside and we write the name of the guest at the back of the invitation

Here’s the Cost Breakdown:

600 Pesos –   100 Pieces of 5R Photo Printed (6 Pesos Each)

116 Pesos   –  200 Pieces of Doilies (58 Pesos Per Pack of 100 Pieces)

80 Pesos     – a roll of Ribbon

796 Pesos   – TOTAL


I didn’t included the cost for a bottle of Glue and a roll of double sided tape because this is already a part of my art kit. The paper we used for the monogram and RSVP Printing came from Allan’s sister but this invitation can cost around 9 to 10 pesos per piece if you’ll consider those materials a part of the expenses. Still not bad as to compare with 60 to 70 Pesos per piece of invitation.

This is one of my favorite projects because (for me) though it doesn’t look perfect, it’s close to being made like a pro. I can say that it could have been better if we had more time to prepare (sigh). This can also be perfect for you if you’re also into DIY like me, as long as you don’t wish fancy printing like embossed or glossy type of invitation, I think it’s possible to make your invitation.

**This post is my way of keeping my mind away from the fact that our wedding is just a few weeks from now. I’m really nervous (seriously nervous) Please pray I don’t fall flat on my face while I walk down the aisle.


16 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Invitation

    1. Ohh, that’s very heartwarming. Thanks for appreciating my mini wedding blog. It’s nice to hear I can help in my own little way though I originally set up the blog as a journal. All the best to your wedding preps and please just let me know if you have any questions 🙂 Thanks! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Go on, that’s cool! I also saw another blog that is being maintained by the groom. That’s ok lalu na at mas techie si groom 🙂 My Hubby to be is from Valenzuela but i’m from Bulacan. When’s your wedding? Our’s is just a few weeks from now and yes, I’m reminding myself again haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah.. I have read “most” if not all your details.’s fun. We just got engaged though. I see. I hope you could give me some coaching as well along the process. Congratulations! Few weeks na lang. Hehe. You’re having it this January right? Queen Sofia is quite expensive

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, the thought makes me feel giddy excited and nervous. Anyhow, I’m no expert on this but I’d be happy to help. Yes, the venue rental is quite expensive as to compare with the other venues in Valenzuela so I’m hoping it’s worth it. 🙂


    1. Hi Marsha! Thanks for visiting my blog. We got engaged May 2015 and got married January 2016 so mga 7 months preparation din. Kayang kaya pa if this December na just make sure you both have time to prepare. Write down a timeline na if ever 🙂


  1. Ahhh…..okay….salamat….dapat pala by this time nagpeprepare na rin kami…by the way san banda sa divisoria nabibili ang doilies?gusto ko din kc na ako mismo ang gagawa ng invitations and souvenirs…para mas feel…hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If my memory serves me right, sa ground floor sya ng 168 mall dun sa area na marami din nagbebenta ng mga gowns. may party supply shop dun and you’d find a lot of cool wedding stuff there. Happy preps sis! 🙂


  2. Hello….thanks for the reply…i had ideas na din…it helps alot talaga itong blog mo…i learned the do’s and dont’s during preparation…and also the budget…actually im calculating na…thanks again…and if ever i have questions…ill post it here!!😊😊

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