Wedding Wands

DIY Wedding Wands

Photo grabbed online

I have seen wedding wands in action on some SDEs I have watched and saw some nice ideas in Pinterest but I didn’t really see the need to make one because we will throw confetti in the Church anyway until our Church told us we can’t. I told Allan that we will use wedding wands as an alternative and though hesitant (again), he still agreed.

Ribbons, Bells and Balloon Stick

The only materials that I bought were the Small Bells for 3 PhP each because we still have leftover Ribbons for our Invitations and Balloon Sticks for our supposedly Prenup Props.


The wands I see online are normally made of Wooden Dowels  but I’m using balloon sticks since the material is already available and to save money of course. The balloon stick costs 50 Pesos for 100 sticks.

This DIY is super easy , you can even ask little children to help you with it. In my case, my younger sister and niece helped me complete the wands.

All you have to do is to cut ribbons in equal length (or not equal if that makes you happy) and tie it at the end of the balloon stick. I realized the advantage of using balloon sticks instead of barbecue sticks is it has a hook at the end that allows you to tie the ribbon.

I tied the bell after using a blue jute strings but I guess you can also sew it.


We made 50 pieces because I don’ t think all of our guests will go to the ceremony anyway. Here’s some of the finish product.

If you have enough time, you can also cover the balloon sticks or the ribbons you tied on top to make it look better but I didn’t do any of that because I’m OK with the result as long as it does the job. Anyway, I still think it’s the easiest DIY ever!


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