Will you be my Bridesmaid?

Will you be my Bridesmaid?


I mentioned on my previous post that I’ll give each of my Bridesmaid a planner. I was supposed to put it in a box but I found this nice looking dainty envelope in Landmark Trinoma so I used this instead.

Cute right? It’s even more affordable as to compare with boxes

I also bought this cute small box from Landmark for 24 Pesos each and put a bracelet rosary from a San Isidro Labrador Church at Polo.

I added a pink and blue bear notepad which I bought somewhere in Monumento. Almost everything is in Pink and Blue, as it reflects, of course, our theme.


I printed a “Will you be my Bridesmaid” card which I got from Pinterest.

Sorry if it was not cut neatly lala
I added this personalize message that enumerates their role as my bridesmaid 🙂


Sorry for the strips of paper, I decided to use this paper yarn I have stored in my craft box. Perhaps it could have been better if I just used pink strips of paper instead. Anyhow, it’s too late for regrets because these goodies are already on their way to their rightful owner, just in time (hopefully) for their new year. lala


My box of goodies is filled with things that I like but a normal Bridesmaid gift has jewelries, accessories and beauty products. Go and follow your heart’s desires. 20 Days to go and I am getting more and more nervous each day.


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