Global Invitations Review

Supplier Review: Global Invitations

The normal time frame to make a wedding invitation takes around 2 to 3 months, that is.. if you are very particular with details. I used to be very particular with details but I loosen up a bit last December as our big day approaches. Allan selected the invitation design when we booked Global Invitations last November 23 at the Themes and Motif Bridal Fair in MOA. After a week of booking them, I was being haunted by the designs we selected because in all honesty, I don’t think it’s what I wanted. I actually saw a sample invitation at the bridal fair which I liked but agreed to go with Allan’s choice instead. Anyhow, I know it’s not fair but after much thinking, I sent GI an email asking them if I can change the design and they agreed. The problem though is I have to go to their office because I can’t seem to find the sample design that I want from their FB Page. To cut the story short, I did not even bother changing the design and did not even ask them to do a mock up print because we all know December is such a busy month. I just gave them a go signal to have the invitation printed after two revisions on the information we sent them. After a month of booking them and two weeks of exchanging emails with them, we got our invitation which is just in time for distribution.

The design that attracted Allan is pretty simple and I must say, super classy and clean. It’s a simple loose invitation with one main page, second entourage page, RSVP Card and a Map.

Very simple and elegant looking cream envelope with a monogram in Foil Printing
The monogram printed in blue foil stamp is really nice, it serves as the seal of the invitation. (hiding our last name)
It might not be visible but the Foil Printing is really shiny and clean
The foil print is pretty much visible in this photo 🙂
12482830_1030654810290566_1558712782_o (1)
I don’t like the RSVP card that much because our DIY RSVP Card looks a lot better. (at least for me)

I didn’t include a photo of the the second page invitation because it contains too much information. It may not look nice on pictures but we got a lot of compliments  because it really looks classy in person. We’re glad we did not go for the Photo Invitation which we initially wanted because I don’t know, I’m just contented with the output.

RATING: 9/10

I like the output and I thought it was really nice that they added extra 5 invitations and 10 envelopes without a charge! Awesome! It was also a big factor that they were able to work on our invitation due to a very short notice. It was pretty easy to communicate with them because they reply on your email within 24 to 48 hours. The only reason i’m not giving a perfect 10 is because it was difficult to locate their office since it’s in a residential area. Nevertheless, I really love this formal invitation for our principal sponsors and entourage. 

PS: Since none of us have a good handwriting, we printed out the names of our guests at the back of the invitations in blue ink. 🙂








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