Principal Sponsor Gifts

The Hunt for our Principal Sponsor Favor

I went looking for gifts we can give to our Principal Sponsors whenever I had the time and opportunity to do so. This post is just really a compilation of the places we have visited  or we have thought of visiting to find the wedding favor. I won’t deny it, it was kinda difficult to look for the perfect wedding favor considering our sponsors’ personality differences and the need to work on a limited budget but we have eventually found what we want with a little patience and perseverance. Anyhow, here are some places you may want to visit if you want to buy and wrap your own wedding favors.

  1. S&R, DutyFree and other Malls – We considered giving our Sponsors the safest gift possible..wines. You can never go wrong with wines right? We went to S&R because they have imported and affordable wines available and almost bought but realized that really, most of our Sponsors do not even drink wines so it wouldn’t make sense to give that as a gift. I still think wine is a good gift of choice because it’s classy and festive. Buy some bottle of wines, put them in a nice paper bag or wrap them in a classy wrapper, insert a thank you card and you’re all good!
  2. Dapitan Arcade – I’ve heard about this place from my fellow Girl Talkers and really wanted to go here but I thought the place is just too far (because it’s in Dapitan? Nooo! haha) It’s not in Dapitan, as a matter of fact I saw this place when I went to pick up our invitations at Welcome Rotonda so it’s really just as near as Divi (atleast for me). Click here to check for Directions.

The place is perfect because Allan and I considered giving our Principal Sponsors some religious figurine since we would like to consider ourselves religious in our own way. You can find a lot of this figurines in all different sizes and prices at Dapitan.

You can also find a lot of unique vintage finds in the area! I was in heaven just looking at all those unique stuff!

Some nice figurines and unique home decor..

The nicest plates and things just around the corner!

and awesome kitchen wares. I promise to go back to this place after the wedding. (Itaga niyo sa bato!)

I didn’t end up buying anything here because I didn’t find what I was looking for. I’m also not the type of person who haggles but I think they can still lower down the price as long as you bring in your A-Game. You also get a discount if you buy in wholesale so check out the place if you must! 🙂

3. Divisoria – Of course it had to be Divi! Allan and I braved the busy streets of Divi for the third time last Christmas Vacation. We went there to buy a few more things including our Principal Sponsor giveaway. The stores in Divi of course is overwhelming but a stall in 168 Mall caught our attention. They sell fragrance diffuser and a lot of cute other things. Sorry but I didn’t see the name of the store but you can easily find it in the 2nd floor of 168 Mall (or ground floor? I’m not sure 😀 )



This one is really nice but is a little out of our budget

Here’s a few more things we found in the same place.

We ended up buying their fragrance diffuser so all I can really hope right now is they (our principal sponsors) like it lalala. I was surprised I succeeded in lowering down the price by haggling. This is my first ever successful haggle attempt. I’ll be wrapping these gifts later. 2 Weeks to go for us. ❤


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