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Same Day Edit Video

Hello everyone!

It has been a while 🙂 I thought I’d be able to post an update about our wedding as soon as it’s over but I was wrong. The busy schedule doesn’t end after the wedding since Allan and I had to moved in to our new apartment right after our quick honeymoon but hey!!

I’m officially Mrs. V and happily married 😀

Our wedding turned out to be better than I have ever imagined it to be. Watching everything fall in the right places, seeing everything worked out the way we planned it, seeing all our family and friends come together to celebrate our day, seeing Allan cry tears of happiness as I struggled to stop my own tears from falling, witnessing the love of people around us and feeling God’s presence in our wedding.. now I know what they mean when they say 7th heaven. I’d like to tell you a more detailed story about our wedding but i’ll just let you see it yourself instead through our Same Day Edit Video courtesy of the amazing CSG Photography. Enjoy watching!

No Official Wedding Photos yet so I’m relying on the photos taken by our guests 🙂

I’m getting a lot of inquiries about our wedding budget and I promise to post something about it as soon as I get my husband’s consent. I’ll be updating this blog a lot in the next few weeks to discuss our supplier ratings. Sorry if it’s taking a while but I hope you hang in there! 🙂


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