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Our Wedding Budget

Hi Brides and Grooms to be! Sorry for going on a brief hiatus from blogging. I had to spend some time reviewing the basics of cooking, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and all other household chores to impress my husband. I was just soooo used to my mom doing all this for me when I was still single thus it took me a while to adjust to my new role (and i’m still in the adjustment process).

Anyway, back to blogging! Again and again, I have to say that I started all this to document our wedding preparation journey and didn’t expect brides and grooms (mostly from Valenzuela City of course) to learn about my blog. I’ve been receiving emails in the past months from you all which I greatly appreciate. It’s just nice to know this small space of my mine in the internet is helping you somehow and I just really love talking about wedding! I dunno why but.. preparing for our wedding awakened my desire to do/talk about anything related to wedding. I may not be able to answer all your questions but I hope you learn a thing or two from our experience.

To help you even further,  I’m finally sharing the details of the most frequently asked question I get from you guys when you shoot me emails..Our Wedding Budget. I was really hesitant to put this information in the blog because Allan might not be comfortable since money is still a confidential information right? A dear reader suggested that I don’t give all the information so instead of giving you the exact amount we spent, I’ll just give you hints by giving you the number of digits we spent on some suppliers though I’ll also post the exact amount we spent on some suppliers.

Disclaimer: Rates and Prices of the following suppliers may change due to possible rate increase. Allan and I came up with the budget together, saved money together, and spent it the way we wanted (because it’s our hard earned money hehe #justsaying) and I hope you feel the same way for your own wedding. I mean, be open to suggestions from other people but follow your heart ❤ We splurge and scrimp on a few things base on our priorities just like what I told you on my previous blog entry. 

Here’s our budget:

**I hope it’s readable


Happy Preps and don’t let the budget stress you! 🙂



11 thoughts on “Our Wedding Budget

      1. When I got married, I wanted an intimate ceremony and celebration, but I come from a large family kaya hayun, circus. Hahahahaha.
        I enjoyed planning and executing it, kasi, like you, kami talaga ang nag-asikaso ng most aspects, pero I don’t wanna do something like that again. I was sick, literally, after. Sa sobrang stress yata. Kasi naman two days before ng kasal, biglang ang florist ko eh kulang daw sya ng mga ribbon-ribbon at ako pa ang pinapunta ng Divisoria para mamili. Nakkuuuu…

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      2. Wow un lang! Divisoria pa.. naku stressful talaga. Ako months before the wedding nagkasakit kaya siguro madali akong naglose weight and I needed advil on the day itself 🙂 Buti na nga lang once in a lifetime lang ang kasal.. ung renewal of vows wala ng pressure dapat. 🙂 I miss your blog entry Ms. E, looking forward for your Siquijor travel story.

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  1. Hi Sis,

    I’m a Valenzuela bride too, can you send me the package rate that you booked in patio queen sofia? I’m surprised that they have a combination of AC and air cooler rate as I have seen in your wedding budget. Your Alarcon catering budget is also below 100k, can you also send their rates to me?

    Thank you very much.


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  2. Hi! March 2017 bride ako and si harold din yung HMUA ko. Highly recommended talaga siya kasi halos lahat ng church mate ko siya kinuha. Naexcite tuloy ako! Anyways, van you send me yung rates ni alarcon?thanks!

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