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Supplier Review: Jbelle Flower Arrangement

Hello there! This may come a little late than I expected but here’s my first supplier review after the wedding. I figured it’s pretty easy to provide a feedback to the service provided by our florist since there’s only a few aspects I need to look at. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the rate I’m giving them.

RATE: 10/10

Yep, it’s a perfect score. It’s simple. I want someone professional who can deliver good service on the day of our wedding and Jbelle was able to do that and even exceeded our expectations. I must admit booking Jbelle Flower Arrangement was a bit risky because they are one of our few suppliers whom we just found online. They weren’t referred by friends and I didn’t see any blog reviews from previous brides which is normally my basis in booking suppliers. The only basis we had for booking them is their portfolio and client reviews on their Facebook account.

Anyhow, here are the reasons why I gave them a perfect score:

  • Their packages are affordable! I mentioned before that base on my research that the standard rate for a basic Church Flower Arrangement is 7,000 and a basic Entourage Flower Package costs around 5,000. Jbelle was able to give us both packages for just 8,000.
  • They didn’t scrimp on the flowers! Allan and I felt like they have used a generous amount of flowers in the Church Decoration. We love it! ( Plus points for using vases for the flowers instead of pots..Some guests bought home some flowers 🙂 )

Allan and Erika Cam 1-721

  • We made several changes 2 weeks before the wedding yet they didn’t miss anything on our list. They followed all our requests. I like it so much when a supplier pays attention to every details because I am extremely particular with my requests. I asked them to put a simple curtain in the doorway of the Church, Baby’s breath in combination with roses, pink for the entourage, white for the mother and blue for me and Allan. They followed everything except for one misunderstanding which is entirely my fault. I told them I wanted Pink Roses for the bridesmaids’ bouquet but failed to tell them I wanted light pink. They used deeper color of pink which is also fine with me. Again, it was my fault and It didn’t really bother me anyway because it turned out really good.
Allan and Erika Cam 1-739.jpg
Sorry for cropping this photo my dear bridesmaids (if you’re reading this)
Allan and Erika Cam 3-375.jpg
Say hello to our Flower Girls and their basket of Pink Flowers. So cute! (It’s be a lot better if they actually agreed to walk during the processional)
  • They were able to work on our budget. I told them I want blue roses but we don’t want to spend extra 2K for Ecuadorian Roses so they just had to spray the white roses blue and it turned out really nice (for me). Some people actually thought they’re Ecuadorian roses.Allan and Erika Cam 2 (15)
  • It’s easy to communicate with them. They reply to my FB messages within the day, reply to text messages and calls right away.
  • I’m not the best judge that day but i thought the flowers were fresh. I thought the mini bouquet for the entourage we’re also a little small but I realized eventually that mini bouquets are really meant to be small. LOL (I hope I’m still making sense). My entourage’ selfies with their bouquet tells me they loved the flowers.

We had to add 1,000 on our total package because we ended up requesting more flowers for the game and other details.

Our overall Review? JBelle Flower Arrangement is one of the suppliers that we recommend. We started the wedding preps with the goal of not spending too much on flowers. We ended up achieving our goal without sacrificing the quality of the overall look of the wedding and saving ourselves from stress.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. The rate and reviews I’ve (we’ve) given is base on our experience with them during our wedding. Feel free to do more research about this particular supplier if you consider them on your wedding. Happy Preps!


4 thoughts on “Supplier Review: Jbelle Flower Arrangement

  1. Hello! Your church floral arrangement is really nice! Are those really just 8k with JBelle? I am referring to the photo you posted of you and your husband walking together. I am considering them as our florist, too. Thank you for your answer in advance. 🙂

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    1. Hi Jed, yes we got their 8K package which includes Entourage Flowers and Church Flower Arrangement. We had to add 1k cause we added extra bouquet and flowers a week before the wedding. I suggest you send them a pm on FB to inquire. Happy Preps! 🙂


  2. Hi! My wedding is on May 2017, I’m considering them too, but how about their payment scheme? I read in one thread that they require full payment 1 week before the date and not on the day itself, that’s my only concern.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tina, yes that has been their process. They require full payment a week before the event which I have to admit was really scary since I do not really know them but then again, as you know, I didn’t have any issues with their service even though they were already paid a week before the wedding. I think they have worked with several clients naman so they are consider trustworthy na at this point 🙂 But then again, you can always talk to them, negotiate terms, malay mo magwork 🙂 Happy preps sis!

      Liked by 1 person

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