Harold Lejarde (HMUA)

Supplier Review: Harold Lejarde (HMUA)

“On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.” – Bobbi Brown

Our wedding happened 4 months ago and yet i’m still here working on my Supplier Reviews. Again, I feel responsible giving you feedback on how our suppliers performed during our wedding day so even if it takes me a year, i’ll still write up my review on each suppliers. Slowly but surely.

If you have been reading my blog you know that Harold Lejarde,our HMUA  is one of our (yes, even Allan) favorite suppliers because he did very well on our Prenup.

I want to keep this post short and simple but i’m afraid I can’t because I want to enumerate  the reasons for my rating so I hope you find time to read it all.

Harold Lejarde (HMUA)
Rating: 10+++/10

Yes it’s a perfect score. Harold did an amazing job on our wedding because of the reasons below:

  1. He and his Hairstylist arrived on time.
  2. I mentioned on my Prenup Supplier Review that Harold is not just a makeup artist, he is more like an Overall Stylist. A day before the wedding he asked me if I already have accessories, a mannequin for my gown and how long my veil was and if I needed anything from him.
  3. He provided my veil, hair accessories and even earrings! The things that I had difficulty looking for, he provided it all without extra charge. The accessories he used looked classy and simple just like what I wanted. The veil I used was super long it gave a very dramatic effect even on our SDEAllan and Erika Cam 1-390.jpg
  4. Instead of just two looks (Church and Reception) I had three looks..

First Look: Bride’s Preparation

Allan and Erika Cam 2 (4).jpg
Woke up like this LOL

He used hair extension which give my hair the volume it needs.

Second Look: Church Ceremony Look

Me and my kaartehan look. 

I remember telling Harold during our first meeting that I prefer to have my hair down when walking down the aisle because that’s what Allan wants. (he fancy my long awful hair you know! haha) He told me it’ll be best to keep my hair up to brighten my face and all those explanation. I’m glad I listened to his advise because Allan and I really really really loved my hairstyle!

Third Look: Reception

Can I just look like this everyday please?

5. Simple Stunning Make Up and Intricate Classy Hair Style. I got a lot of compliments from our guests because of my NATURAL LOOKING make up from the preparation up the reception.

6. Everyone’s makeup was on fleek 🙂

Allan and Erika Cam 3-314.jpg

7. When they say they’ll provide unlimited retouch.. they really mean it. Allan sweats a lot specially on that six piece suit but you will not notice him sweating on our pictures because Barbie, Harold’s assistant attentively retouch our make up. As in all the time whenever he have the chance.

8. I already said they were attentive but more than that, they showed us they care. Barbie bought me a bottle of water when I was on the verge of throwing up while inside the bridal car before the ceremony. Harold did some adjustments on my gown so I won’t step on it. They took care of our food, and other tasks that are clearly not a part of  their responsibility. Allan and I was just impressed by them.

If there is one supplier I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to friends.. that is Harold. I strongly believe every bride has the right to be treated like they are the most special girl on their wedding day by looking beautiful. His rate is quite standard to the price of makeup artists these days or it can even be more affordable depending on how you look at it 🙂

If you’re on a budget I suggest you at least get Harold as your makeup artist and find a different decent makeup artist for your bridesmaids and relatives that suites your budget.

This perhaps is the only regret that I have. Harold brought along another makeup artist for the other bridesmaids because we went beyond the headcount included on our package. The second makeup artist was also good and did  very well in prettifying my bridesmaids but my only disappointment is that he was late for an hour or so, i’m not sure why but it delayed the pictorial a little bit base on my observation. The rate for the additional makeup is 1,000 per head. If you’re on a budget, I saw other makeup artists offering traditional makeup for 850 pesos or lower but of course, I suggest you still do some research in terms on the quality of their work. Another good idea if saving money is the priority is allowing makeup enthusiast friends to do the makeup of your bridesmaids or maybe even letting your bridesmaids prettify themselves. I just found out after the wedding that a friend of mine is really good with make up. Those are just suggestions of course, just always try to find the best option for everyone without sacrificing the budget.

I’m still giving Harold a 10++/10 rating because that incident didn’t really bother me too much, it was more of a late realization after the wedding that I could have saved some more if I got another makeup artist because the headcount of people (friends, family, entourage) who wanted their makeup done grew on the last minute so don’t forget to bring contingency fund during your wedding day just to be sure.

Allan and Erika initial-5.jpg

As of now, i’m waiting for the next big event to attend that will require me to get the service of Harold because I just want to get that makeover again and yes, Allan and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAROLD!


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