Hearts and Bells (Wedding Cake)

Supplier Review: Hearts and Bells (Wedding Cake)

Rating: 9/10

Hearts and Bells perhaps is the most professional supplier I have dealt with among all our suppliers.They gave detailed information and proper expectations from the moment we booked them.. They were prompt in responding to my emails and patient on the several changes we made on the design because we are just pickle minded that way. We were able to customize a standard cake to the way we want it and the design we agreed upon is what we got on our wedding day.

This is the standard cake that has become the basis of the cake that we want.
Allan and Erika Cam 2 (126)
Our Wedding Cake

As you can see, we just asked them to change the color to our motif and asked for the wedding topper that says the infamous wedding mottoMay Forever!” haha. We got the topper for free since we booked them on a Bridal Fair. I love that it turned out exactly how we envisioned it, they delivered the cake right on time and the most important thing is they did not give me any headache.

So why not a perfect score if I am all happy? Well, Allan and I  just realized that  we are not a fan of fondant cake the day of our wedding and oh, our family too! More than half of the cake was wasted. A friend who told me that fondant cakes does not taste good so it’s best to get a foam or icing cake. Of course I ignore this advise because let’s face it! fondant cakes look so much awesome!!! To be fair, the carrot cake was still good. It’s just that we didn’t like the fondant. It could have been a perfect score if we were able to eat the cake hehe. Again, this one’s on us. Hearts and Bells did pretty well but it’s just that it didn’t match our taste. Regardless, we loved the cake and I was able to keep the topper as a memorabilia so everybody happy!

Allan and Erika Cam 2 (127)


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