Patio Queen Sofia Part 1 (Venue)

Supplier Review: Patio Queen Sofia Part 1 (Venue)

Patio Queen Sofia is a big formal event’s place in Valenzuela City . Perhaps it’s even the biggest (in my opinion) which is one of the reasons why we booked this venue after visiting other event’s place in and near Valenzuela. I have promised to several readers I will provide a detailed review/feedback towards the service we have received from all our suppliers including Patio Queen Sofia so I apologize if this post took a bit longer since I need to discuss different aspects of the service we got from them.

Disclaimer: I give rates base on our experience but please bear in mind that I’m a little OC… Ok fine! maybe not just a little… I was really super OC towards our wedding 😀 .  I was very specific with my requests and I notice almost every little details so I may be a little stiff with providing scores. I just want you to know that me giving a score of 8 or 9 to a Supplier doesn’t mean I don’t recommend them anymore.. I still do! I just want to state what needs to be improved. Alright? Cool!

Patio Queen Sofia offers all in packages but we didn’t avail this because we already have other preferred suppliers so below are the services we availed from them instead:

  • Venue Rental: Patio Queen Sofia for 5 Hours (3 Hours AC and 2 Hours Air Cooler)
  • Bride’s Room (free) and Groom’s Room (extra charge) for our Preparation
  • Sounds and Lights
  • Food – Alarcon Catering  (220 Guests + 10 Kiddie Meals)

To avoid boring you with my lengthy post. This post will just focus on the VENUE alone and I’ll post another review for the FOOD and the CUSTOMER SERVICE.

The Wedding Venue

Our guests loved the place! They thought it was extravagant and big! A bridesmaid told me that the place looks plain during day time but it transforms into a stunning place at night and I want to give the credits to the Sounds and Lights. It gave the place a major character specially the awesome ceiling. We were right not to get an outside lights and sounds supplier because no one knows the place better than their in house suppliers. I had people asking about the rate of Patio Sofia after the wedding because most of our guests were really impressed with the venue.


I want to be really honest and I have to say that one reasons why we were hesitant to get the place as a venue is because we thought their decoration approach was a bit traditional and outdated base on the photos we have seen online and their Facebook account. One specific request I told our AE before signing up our contract is we have a style/theme we want to follow. I asked her if they can work on a design i’ll suggest or put up additional DIY decors we will provide and she said yes, of course… without extra charge. This made me feel like they are willing to cooperate to achieve your wedding vision which is great.  Nevertheless, I still assigned a friend to ensure that the decors go the way I want it.

Allan and Erika Cam 1-793
Our grand entrance 🙂
Allan and Erika Cam 1-900
Looks like our bearer got super tired 😀

Allan and I loved the table linen because it has gold foil details like our invitation which does not show clearly in the photo above. The only request I have for the table set up is pink flowers for the centerpiece and blue chair covers.. I noticed though that not all the Tiffany chairs have a blue cover which no one really noticed except for the OC Bride and the flowers in the centerpiece are not all pink. Small things that others don’t even notice except for me.. the OC Bride.

Allan and Erika Cam 1-809
I thought the Christmas lights and the grass looks Rustic Romantic 🙂 We loved it! Super! ❤
Allan and Erika Cam 2 (368)
Our DIY 🙂
DIY Table Numbers Made by Yours Truly 🙂
Allan and Erika Cam 2 (160)
In all seriousness, I thought the stairs was an eye sore. I think it’ll look better if they covered it or something but on the other hand, that may be dangerous for we have elderly guests who climbs up the stage for picture taking. No biggie still.
This Eiffel Tower served as a tourist spot since most of our guests had their selfies taken in this spot. 🙂


How was the AC?

If you have followed my blog, you’d know Allan and originally planned to rent the place without AC because we thought the air coolers will be sufficient for our event. Our AE told us over and over again that the air coolers will be enough to cool the place for at least 100 guests but the place (Patio Sofia) gets a little bit warmer with more guests. We we’re planning for 220 guests so their strong recommendation from the start is for us to get the AC package which we continually refuse until a week before the wedding. After some negotiations, we agreed to use the AC for 3 Hours and the rest of the 2 Hours for the air coolers. The AC did a pretty good job in cooling the place because the venue can really be warm at night specially due to the strong lights. Allan and I only felt the place got warmer at the latter part of the event. Apparently, the AC was already turned off and the place was already using air coolers. Thank God that happened when we we’re about to watch our SDE or else everyone’s gonna see us sweat on the stage. Walking around after the wedding to say goodbye to our guests we noticed that the air cooler was really still cooling the place. We just felt warm because all the spotlight’s on us while we were at the stage.

So our conclusion? Don’t be cynical when your Supplier asked you to upgrade or add a service. Analyze the situation to check if the upgrade is really needed. Some suppliers may just be up selling for profit, but others.. just really want to make sure your event will be a success. I agree with Patio Sofia, you can use air coolers if your guests are around 100 to 150 but if it’s more than that, you need to consider the AC option. 

Preparation Room

Aside from the venue itself, another factor that affected the rate I gave them is the Bride and the Groom’s Room.

The Bride Room is spacious. It has a lounge area where a big couch, some tables were the photo and video team stayed. From the lounge area you can see another room which has a bed, another set of couch, a big mirror and a free body form.. which is the Bride’s Room. The bride’s room is included in the venue charge but Allan and I do not want to see each other during the preparation so we had to get the Groom’s room for an extra charge. It was really no biggie to pay extra for the Groom’s Room if it is fully furnished, unfortunately it wasn’t. It was just a bare air conditioned room but i’m glad they put on a couch, chairs and tables inside. **An update from a reader said there are already furniture in the groom’s room which is awesome.

Bride’s Room (Lounge Area)

The Bride’s Room

The Groom’s Room

In summary, the preparation room was decent enough, the AC is good, the place is spacious enough for the entourage, photo, and makeup team. There is a back door at the Bride’s Room by the way that will allow you to enter the venue without being seen by guests so you can prepare for your Grand Entrance through the stairs.

Allan and Erika Cam 1-787.jpg

***The only overall downfall I see in having your preparation at Patio Sofia is that they do not have a garden which is truly my ideal photo shoot location. Well, they actually do have a garden but it needs a lot of work and I hope they improve it. Anyhoo, the success of a photo shoot really depends on your Photographer. I believe a good photographer can take the nicest shots even on the nastiest places (if that even made sense) and i thought our photographer actually did a good job on that. You’d see what I mean from our SDE.



**Patio Sofia may be a bit expensive as to compare with the other venues at Valenzuela but it is worth the price. The score could have been perfect if they have a nice garden which i’m pretty sure they can work on in the future.

Wait for my Part 2 Review Regarding the Food and Customer Service. Thanks!


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  1. Hi sis! Been reading ur blog lately, will be having our wedding next year and we are in search for suppliers. May I ask sis for the rates of patio queen sofia as well as the alarcon catering services too? Thank you so much sis. Godbless!


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