Supplier Review

Supplier Review: Patio Queen Sofia Part 2 (Alarcon Catering)

If you haven’t read the first installment of this post, I suggest you check it out first here.

My first review was all about the venue but now I will rate them base on the important factors all couples must consider when getting a caterer.. The Food and Customer Service. This post is really more of a review for Alarcon Catering‘s service but if you must know, they are Patio Queen Sofia‘s exclusive caterer so it’s a must to know how they work if you’re interested with Patio Sofia. Anyhow, here’s the rate we (Allan and me) gave them,


Allan and I were able to eat a few dishes during our wedding reception but I honestly do not remember how the food tasted. All I know is that it didn’t taste bad at all and we even got some comments from our guests that they enjoyed the food because of the generous serving and the taste itself. Alarcon Catering is not a high end caterer but they do have a wide range of food selection, some dishes of which are a little sophisticated than the usual so Allan and I was able to choose the perfect menu for our guests. We arent giving a perfect score because the only miss with our transaction with them is that we originally requested for fruit salad for our dessert but hold and behold our guests got buko pandan. This didn’t really matter to me honestly since we like buko pandan just as much as we like fruit salad but this kind of detail may still matter to someone super OC with details. We are still giving them a very good score of 9 for the fact that our guests are happy with their generous serving.

Customer Service

Allan and Erika Cam 2 (317).jpg

I may be giving a lower score as to compare with the score for the food and the venue but that does not mean the score is really low. A rate of 8/10 is still a decent rate for me. Here are a few hits and misses which led us to our conclusion of giving them an 8/10:

  • Patio Queen Sofia only handle one event per day so they were able to prepare the venue early and flawlessly. In other words, they did not give us any headache at all. I guess being in the business for so many years gave them the enough confidence to work on their own flawlessly.
  • Our AE who handled our event, Ms. Hazel was very professional, attentive, responsible and considerate. We love her! She was able to handle our wedding properly considering she just took over when our original AE resigned.
  • The waiters were all dressed up in uniform and looked neat.
  • There were people assigned to hand us over the wine and the dove. They pretty much know the flow of the program.

***The only problems we have encountered is that it took a while before they were able to serve Allan and I’s food when we came back from the Church before the program started. Some of my relatives too in the VIP table was not able to get dessert since no one served it on their table and lastly, no one proactively prepared our leftovers after the program. I think no one will give it to us if we have forgotten it hehe. Lesson learned, assign someone to handle the left over. ☺

Those minor problems are really just simple misses but we did not encounter any major problems that drove us crazy that day so we are still giving them a score of 8. 

Overall, Alarcon Catering did a great job so please do not let the Caterer limitation stop you from getting Patio Queen Sofia if you really want the venue.



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