Supplier Review

Supplier Review: Patio Queen Sofia Part 2 (Alarcon Catering)

If you haven’t read the first installment of this post, I suggest you check it out first here. My first review was all about the venue but now I will rate them base on the important factors all couples must consider when getting a caterer.. The Food and Customer Service. This post is really more of… Continue reading Supplier Review: Patio Queen Sofia Part 2 (Alarcon Catering)

Patio Queen Sofia Part 1 (Venue)

Supplier Review: Patio Queen Sofia Part 1 (Venue)

Patio Queen Sofia is a big formal event’s place in Valenzuela City . Perhaps it’s even the biggest (in my opinion) which is one of the reasons why we booked this venue after visiting other event’s place in and near Valenzuela. I have promised to several readers I will provide a detailed review/feedback towards the service we… Continue reading Supplier Review: Patio Queen Sofia Part 1 (Venue)

Hearts and Bells (Wedding Cake)

Supplier Review: Hearts and Bells (Wedding Cake)

Rating: 9/10 Hearts and Bells perhaps is the most professional supplier I have dealt with among all our suppliers.They gave detailed information and proper expectations from the moment we booked them.. They were prompt in responding to my emails and patient on the several changes we made on the design because we are just pickle minded… Continue reading Supplier Review: Hearts and Bells (Wedding Cake)

Harold Lejarde (HMUA)

Supplier Review: Harold Lejarde (HMUA)

“On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.” – Bobbi Brown Our wedding happened 4 months ago and yet i’m still here working on my Supplier Reviews. Again, I feel responsible giving you feedback on how our suppliers performed during our wedding day so even if it takes me a… Continue reading Supplier Review: Harold Lejarde (HMUA)

jbelle flower arrangement · Supplier Review

Supplier Review: Jbelle Flower Arrangement

Hello there! This may come a little late than I expected but here’s my first supplier review after the wedding. I figured it’s pretty easy to provide a feedback to the service provided by our florist since there’s only a few aspects I need to look at. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the rate I’m giving… Continue reading Supplier Review: Jbelle Flower Arrangement