Will you be my Groomsman?

Will you be my Groomsman?

One good way to save money for your wedding is by getting the help of your friends. In our case, we won’t spend money for our entourage outfit because friends agreed to shoulder the cost their own outfit. We decided to keep the outfit basic for our groomsmen so they won’t have difficulty finding the right outfit… Continue reading Will you be my Groomsman?

Letter Mache Standee and Spray Painting

Paper Mache Standee and Spray Painting

I originally wanted to wrap our letter standee into cute gift wrappers but I realized that a plain paint would be classier so Allan suggested we spray paint the letters. I got so excited I bought spray paints in leaf green because I can’t find one in tiffany blue (the struggle of choosing a uniue… Continue reading Paper Mache Standee and Spray Painting