Our Proposal Story

“Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life.. Love gives us a fairytale..” image That once in a lifetime dream happened to me last May 17 during my mother’s birthday celebration “supposedly” at Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort located in Tanay Rizal. You see, my boyfriend or should i say.. my fiance (this takes a little getting used to) is not good with surprises. I fondly call him “hari ng sablay” for constantly failing to surprise me no matter how hard he try for the last 6 strong years of our relationship. He can’t seem to pull out any type of surprise on me because you can easily notice if he is acting strangely and oh well.. partly because i’m also too suspicious anyway. I expect, observe and figure things out before it even happen to his dismay. Haha. Everything changed last May. He is no longer “hari ng sablay” and i am no longer “reyna ng pambubuking”. We both planned a surprise for my nanay on our family outing.. created a happy birthday banner and planned to buy a cake without her knowing (that didnt go as planned though). It’s a simple family outing and allan(my fiance) brought along his sister and brother in the trip and since this is our second time to visit the place i am no longer too eager to roam around and was just really planning to be the tour guide of my family and allan to tour his siblings in case the families decide on different iteniraries. Either way we both decide not to be too clingy to each other and prioritize our family’s enjoyment instead. Come the day of the event we picked them up and i notice Allan went straight to put his things at the back of the van which i didnt consider as a big deal because that can be their food though we already prepared our baon at home. He then sat beside the driver explaining to me that he’s the biggest thus it would make more sense if he stay there. Ok no fuzz. Upon arriving to the resort, we had our breakast and thats when it got a little weird because allan was no longer talking to me but oh well maybe he was just trying to entertain his siblings, i explained to myself. (I should have already figured this out at that point haha). My niece (who turned out to be an accomplice) then asked me to show her the waterfalls because this is her first time in the resort. I asked allan to come with me but he said he will stay with his siblings instead which is just fine with me. After a long walk.. my niece together with my younger sister decided to go back cause ย to our dismay.. the small water falls does not have water anymore haha. On our way back though my father (another accomplice! Haha) came and asked me to wait for allan and his sisters. I said there is no point pushing through cause the waterfalls is all dried up. My father insisted so i did wait for a few minutes and started walking again, this time my father did not stop me. And this where the fairytale begin.. on my way there i saw roses and folders with messages and pictures of us. image image How did i feel? I cant explain.. i was shaking and nervous and i guess excited but was already expecting he will pop “the question”. I picked up the roses and messages and read them one by one.. followed the path image image ..until i saw my man appeared in a suit (wow outfit change!) He approached me, He knelt down, Pulled a small box from his pocket.. and with tears in his eyes told me he has been waiting for this moment for a long time now..image and bam! A big DIY banner appeared image He asked the question ive been dreamin of.. “Will you marry me?” image I was speechless but i managed to say “YES” with teary dreamy eyes because that’s what my heart desires. Yes i am expecting (see how i like expecting? Haha) we will get married. In fact we already have a date even before he proposed so i never expected he will still propose cause i thought a casual agreement is enough but apparently it wasn’t. He wanted to make it special,he wanted to let everyone know how much he loves me. He wanted to show me that our love story is far from being ordinary and i do think all love stories are special.


I’m not the type of person who loves the limelight but the feeling i got when i heard everyone in the pool shouting was extraordinary. I felt special, super loved and oh well i felt so pettite right at that moment. He put the ring in my finger and sealed it with a kiss. ๐Ÿ’– image It was not an over the top proposal but it is more than what i can ask for.. my guy is the best guy and i know for sure God gave me him to me. image What touched me to most is how he made sure to ask for my parents permission before he even asked me to marry him. He is a good guy who respect my parents and i cant ask for more. I also love the way he involved our families into this. I cant thank everyone who helped my fiance enough to pull this out. image Oh by the way we have videos but we both decide not to publish it because it was all done for love not for fame. ๐Ÿ™‚ Date: May 17, 2015 Activity: Changed status from In a Relationship to ENGAGED (Yehey) image Please join us in our journey to infinity! ๐Ÿ˜™ Love, Erika


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